World Series Game 2: Notes and discussion


Get ready for some Jake Peavy profanity

23 potential MLB free agents as SkyMall items

For customers who consider buying big-ticket items, even without the utmost confidence

World Series Game 1: Game notes, gamethread

Kauffman Stadium remains an unlikely site for the start of the Fall Classic

Reading Room: A wild card of a World Series

Plus: Quotes from Jose Abreu, awful postseason commercials, and a look into the minor-league compensation system

larry's Offseason Plan


One possible offseason plan for Rick Hahn to follow in building his 2015 White Sox.

Jose Abreu, Sporting News' AL Rookie of the Year


Today, the White Sox' Jose Abreu was named the AL Rookie of the Year by Sporting News.  He received 149 votes in the landslide victory. The next closest, Matt Shoemaker, received four votes....

Lost in isolation: A White Sox fan abroad

Catching a game in Paris -- and elsewhere -- takes some work

pnoles' 2014 offseason plan

A look at one way for the Sox to make a push for contention in the coming years

The SSS offseason plan project

Beat Rick Hahn to the punch by making trades and signings before he can

Gamethread: NLCS Game 5

The Giants can set their date with the Royals in the World Series with a win

The longest White Sox home runs of 2014

Jose Abreu hit the fastest, shortest and highest homers this past season, but a teammate topped him in distance

Gamethread: Game 4 and Game 4

The Royals can put away a t-shirt controversy and the Orioles with a win today

Alexei Ramirez can still turn two

League-leading double-play numbers improve dramatically, even with a partial season from Gordon Beckham

Gamethread: Game 3 for NLCS, ALCS

Series shift to San Francisco, Kansas City

Decision review: The Reed-Davidson trade

One year in, the Sox and Diamondbacks are on the course for a lose-lose deal

A quick look at Maikel Cleto's new changeup


Don Cooper works some late season magic to give Maikel Cleto a new changeup.

How to get more runs out of Jose Abreu's talent

Slugger's RBI total was impressive, but could have been a lot higher

Gamethread: NLCS Game 2


The Jakemeister tries to put the Giants up 2-0

Gamethread: ALCS Game 2, NLCS Game 1

The Royals and Orioles try to repeat the magic after an incredible start to their series

Decision review: The Eaton-Santiago trade

The depth chart felt the absence of a utility pitcher, but an everyday center fielder made the sacrifice worth it

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