Timo Must Go

I know yesterday's Sox victory was bittersweet for a lot of us because of who got the game-winning hit: Timo.  And subsequently I've read a lot of chatter about how he'll definitely be staying on the team because of that one hit (in addition to Ozzie's inexplicable fondness for playing him).  But, honestly, I have to give Kenny Williams more credit than that.  It's a very simple numbers game, and if Timo's not the odd man out, the Sox would be left with a gaping hole in their bench.  Once El Duque comes back, Kevin Walker will be sent down or designated for assignment (I don't know if he has minor league options or not), and then Ross Gload will be due to come back.  The only other even remotely reasonable options to be released or sent down other than Timo would be Pablo Ozuna, Willie Harris, Shingo Takatsu, Neal Cotts, and Gload himself.  I think you can eliminate Shingo (despite the rumors) and Cotts immediately, because it's incredibly unlikely that the Sox would carry only 10 pitchers.  So that leaves Willie, Pablo, and Ross.

Willie has done everything that's been asked of him this year.  He's come off the bench with energy, played good defense, and put up solid offensive numbers, especially OBP (.382), which is the key stat for him, as he's worked counts effectively.  He also plays both infield and outfield, although I wouldn't want him playing shortstop in anything but an emergency.

Ozuna has been an incredible find for the Sox bench.  He's hit .263 with a .349 OBP and can play third, short, outfield, and emergency first base.

Gload, of course, plays an excellent first base and so-so outfield and hit .321 with an .854 OPS last year.

And bringing up the rear is Timo, who plays outfield and emergency first base and is hitting a robust .193/.246/.298.  

Getting rid of Willie would mean getting rid of the team's second best bench player so far (after Widger) and fastest pinch runner, as well as the primary backup second baseman.  

Getting rid of Ozuna would mean getting rid of the team's most versatile bench player and primary backup shortstop and third baseman, as well as the bench's only right handed hitter other than Widger (and of course backup catchers are rarely used to pinch hit--just in case) and Everett(who's historically awful from the right side, this year notwithstanding).

Getting rid of Gload would mean getting rid of one of last year's best hitters--bench or starter--and a slick-fielding defensive first baseman who is Konerko's primary back-up.  

Getting rid of Timo would mean getting rid of the team's 5th outfielder (Carl is 4th OF/DH now with Frank back, I would think), while still leaving three other players on the bench who can play outfield if need be, play other key positions that he can't, get on base more often, run faster, and hit for better average.

Frankly, keeping Timo at this point wouldn't just be a "bad" move, it would be grossly irresponsible.  To the point that, if I was an actual stakeholder in the White Sox organization, I'd feel like a I had a decent case that KW hadn't performed proper due diligence prior to deciding to keep Timo.

So Timo must go.  There's just no other option.

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