2005 Win Share All-Stars

With some of the recent talk about who should make the All-Star game, I decided to figure out who would make it according to Win Shares (WS).  I got the info from the Hardball Times.  Ties in Win Shares (which really only came into play at the end of the bench or bullpen) were broken by Win Shares Above Bench (sort of like Win Share VORP), and if that was tied, either Win Share Percentage (Win Shares over innings played), positional need, or a need for left/right-handed balance.  For the starters tied with bench guys, I gave the nod to the player with the better career numbers.

Each All-Star roster includes 32 players, and this year there's a DH.  Based on previous years' rosters, I broke it down to include the starting 9, 7 starting pitchers, 5 relief pitchers (4 closers and 1 middle reliever), 6 bench infielders, 4 bench outfielders, and 1 bench catcher.  As you'll see, I ignored the absurd "1 guy from every team" rule.  For the National League, there weren't 6 deserving infielders, so I gave them one more outfielder and one more reliever instead.  Could easily have been another backup catcher, too.


 C - Jason Varitek (BOS) 9 WS
1B - Richie Sexson (SEA) 10 WS
2B - Brian Roberts (BAL) 15 WS
3B - Alex Rodriguez (NYY) 13 WS
SS - Miguel Tejada (BAL) 15 WS
LF - Manny Ramirez (BOS) 10 WS
CF - Johnny Damon (BOS) 12 WS
RF - Gary Sheffield (NYY) 12 WS
DH - David Ortiz (BOS) 10 WS

SP - Roy Halladay (TOR) 14 WS
SP - Kenny Rogers (TEX) 12 WS
SP - Mark Buehrle (CWS) 12 WS
SP - Jon Garland (CWS) 11 WS
SP - Chris Young (TEX) 9 WS
SP - Johan Santana (MIN) 9 WS
SP - Bartolo Colon (LAA) 8 WS
RP - B.J. Ryan (BAL) 6 WS
RP - Dustin Hermanson (CWS) 6 WS
RP - Eddie Guardado (SEA) 5 WS
RP - Joe Nathan (MIN) 5 WS
RP - Jesse Crain (MIN) 6 WS

 C - Joe Mauer (MIN) 8 WS
IF - Melvin Mora (BAL) 12 WS
IF - Brandon Inge (DET) 10 WS
IF - Darrin Erstad (LAA) 10 WS
IF - Julio Lugo (TB) 10 WS
IF - Chone Figgins (LAA) 9 WS
IF - Mark Teixeira (TEX) 9 WS
OF - Aaron Rowand (CWS) 10 WS
OF - Raul Ibanez (SEA) 9 WS
OF - Vladimir Guerrero (LAA) 9 WS
OF - Garrett Anderson (LAA) 9 WS

Total AL Win Shares: 314


 C - Michael Barrett (CHC) 9 WS
1B - Derrek Lee (CHC) 19 WS
2B - Jeff Kent (LAD) 14 WS
3B - David Wright (NYM) 10 WS
SS - David Eckstein (STL) 11 WS
LF - Luis Gonzalez (AZ) 14 WS
CF - Jim Edmonds (STL) 12 WS
RF - Bobby Abreu (PHI) 16 WS
DH - Albert Pujols (STL) 16 WS

SP - Dontrelle Willis (FLA) 13 WS
SP - Roger Clemens (HOU) 13 WS
SP - Brett Myers (PHI) 10 WS
SP - Pedro Martinez (NYM) 10 WS
SP - Roy Oswalt (HOU) 10 WS
SP - Jason Marquis (STL) 9 WS
SP - Brandon Webb (AZ) 8 WS
RP - Chad Cordero (WAS) 6 WS
RP - Billy Wagner (PHI) 5 WS
RP - Todd Jones (FLA) 5 WS
RP - Brian Fuentes (COL) 5 WS
RP - Brad Lidge (HOU) 4 WS
RP - Lance Cormier (AZ) 5 WS

 C - Johnny Estrada (ATL) 8 WS
IF - Nick Johnson (WAS) 16 WS
IF - Craig Counsell (AZ) 12 WS
IF - Carlos Delgado (FLA) 11 WS
IF - Rob Mackowiak (PIT) 10 WS
OF - Adam Dunn (CIN) 12 WS
OF - Brian Giles (SD) 12 WS
OF - Brad Wilkerson (WAS) 12 WS
OF - Pat Burrell (PHI) 12 WS
OF - Jason Bay (PIT) 11 WS

Total NL Win Shares: 340

For anyone interested, the best players from each of the teams without a representative were:

1B - Travis Hafner (CLE) 8 WS
OF - Emil Brown (KC) 8 WS
OF - Mark Kotsay (OAK) 9 WS
OF - Carlos Lee (MIL) 11 WS
3B - Edgardo Alfonzo (SF) 8 WS

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