Russ Springer for President

According to the AP, MLB is already reviewing Russ Springer's immensely popular beaning of Barry Bonds.

Other than some perfunctory whining by Abuelito Alou, no one seems to have an issue with Springer, who is now in Louisiana somewhere attending to his wife.

Springer, it seems, did what everyone was dying to see: step up and cram it in Barry Bonds' cheating craw.

I've argued on these pages for an immediate banning of Bonds. As fans of the franchise with the history of the largest-scale banning in MLB history, with one of our- and baseball's- greatest hitters (Shoeless Joe) banned in perpetuity for questionable participation in a game-fixing scheme- we stand uniquely positioned to judge whether this particular cheater deserves to be tossed or not.

In the absence of any substantive action by our esteemed Commissioner (did you guys see some minor league team has a pig mascot this year named "Squealig"?), Russ Springer decided to take matters in his own hands. Refusing to see #714 come in his park or on his watch, Springer pixillated Barry's personal space before finally dotting him with what Aaron Rowand cheerfully dubbed "that four-seamer" on the Jim Rome show today.

In this episode of the never-ending battle between the MLBPA and the Lords of the Realm, the players showed that they were able to police themselves.

Personally, I loved it.

I bet Buehrle loved it too. And AJ. In fact, I can't imagine any ball player not having a good laugh about it in the clubhouse.

Meanwhile, MLB will punish Russ Springer but will do nothing about Bonds. I hope you all realize what a crock that is, and what it says about the integrity of our favorite sport.

I also hope that Russ Springer has started a trend. We'll see who else has guts.

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