Read a book, read a book, read a mother%*#&^$% book (or a blog, or some type of publication)

This is probably somewhat overdue, seeing how much ass the music thread kicks (it really does -- if nothing else it gives me some stuff to dabble with in my free time).  I know I'm always looking for good ("good" being, of course, an extremely subjective word, but I think most understand what I'm trying to get across) stuff to read, and I doubt that I'm the only one looking for new 'spots' to keep an eye on.  The thing is, I want more...  I've already articulated my frustration in not being able to find a music spot that really does what I want it to do (I really need to give AV Club more of a shot -- I liked one of the reviews I read there but haven't made a concerted effort to frequent it on a more-than-occasional basis).

But enough with my complaining -- I do have a somewhat decent amount of stuff that I do visit on a daily basis, namely:

Baseball Think Factory - besides this joint (SSS), BTF is my favorite baseball-discussion blog.  It does a good job of keeping me up-to-date with the goings-on of other teams and the discussion is, for the most part, pretty high quality (relatively speaking -- of course there's bound to be some friction when you have so many people convening to discuss and analyze their favorite teams).

(I'll take this moment to note how much good baseball analysis there is on the internet -- we're very lucky in that regard.  Although I don't make it a priority to see other websites besides BTF and SSS, there's so much good shit -- Baseball Prospectus, fangraphs, Baseball Analysts, Sabernomics and so much more.)

And onto other things: - my homepage.  I like to have some idea about what the hell is going on, and the Guardian is pretty good for that. and 538 - for the time being these are my only two political spots.  Has Nate put up a post (or several) yet about what direction he's going to take now that the election is over?  I know he'll have an eye on the 2010 Senate seats but that can only provide so much content.

Beyond that I have some other stuff that I do occasionally visit but not on nearly the same basis as the above sites.  I should actually add the wikipedia to the list -- I spend so much damn time there.

There's also some books that I am in the middle of (to different extents), including:

Crime and Punishment - my second read-through.  I just find Raskolnikov to be such an interesting character. 

The Baseball Economist - I'm proud to say that I'll be able to pass half of larry's test in a month or two.  I've only started to open this one -- they got a neat little primer on regression analysis (nothing that I haven't already learned, but refreshers like the one Bradbury's got is nice) that I've read and that's it.

I'll also be opening "The Mystery of Capital:  Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else" (Hernando de Soto) in short order.  If I'm capable of getting through one of his books, I'll also be looking into some of Ludwig von Mises' stuff rather shortly.  And -- for the lawyerly types around here, and anyone else who cares -- I was thinking of purchasing Richard Epstein's "Simple Rules for a Complex World".  Any thoughts on that book or Epstein in particular? 

I figure this place will be a link dump for online stuff and other musings.  I think the only things we should try and restrict (as a group) is the political pissing match that could erupt (although the chances of that are probably very small, I think it's worth a mention).

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