The Beckham and Danks Show or White Sox Minor League Update with Special September Preview!

with aaron poreda apparently atop the short list to start for the big club on tuesday, the minors required an influx of talent that people might care about. and by "people" i mean people who aren't interested in the development of second tier prospects. so the addition of the sox' two top draft picks - and legitimate prospects for the majors - to kanny is certainly something watch. gordon beckham was the first to arrive and, though it was the hapless crawdads, he had a nice open:

Prospect Of The Day

Shortstop Gordon Beckham’s professional career has gotten off to a flying start. The White Sox’ first-round pick joined Kannapolis (White Sox) on Friday and went 3-for-4 with a double in his pro debut against Hickory (Pirates). He went only 1-for-4 on Saturday, but got right back to it yesterday, going 3-for-3 and hitting his first professional home run, a three-run shot in the fifth inning off Crawdads righthander Francisco Ortiz.

the intimidators have one more game to pad their stats against hickory.

jordan danks will likely make his kanny debut wednesday (8/20) at home versus augusta.

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however, for those of you who do care about the more marginal prospects, who are the likely candidates for september callups? last season, the white sox basically emptied their minor of anyone of interest long before september so only donny lucy, lance broadway, and heath phillips merited callups (charlie haeger the most noticeable absence).

this year, there should be a larger group - if only because the white sox are in a pennant race and all hands will be called in, especially on the pitching front. some of these players may get the call prior to september 1 but here's a list of potential additions for when the active roster expands to 40:

lance broadway: a lock to be called up for the second straight year. not a particularly exciting arm and not the prettiest of minor league numbers but we've seen that he has been able to get major league hitters out.

aaron poreda: another lock. still needs to develop a legit changeup if he hopes to start in the big leagues but he's ready right now to get major league hitters out in a relief role and would excel as a loogy.

cole armstrong: a third catcher is another classic september call up and, perhaps in contrast to lucy last year, armstrong actually merits the honor on his numbers alone. since his promotion to charlotte in july, he's put up a .300/.336/.445 line - albeit helped by a .360 babip.

josh fields: i think we're all sufficiently familiar with him. his season has been plagued by injuries and his numbers both in charlotte and in his brief sox appearance were uninspiring. however, there's no way he won't get the call.

jason bourgeois: since i'm the one writing this, you knew it was coming. however, despite his ridiculously slow start, he's managed to get his numbers up above respectability. not currently being on the 40 man roster may hinder his cause but .289/.336/.403 along with positional flexibility and speed make him an ideal bench player. his loyalty to the organization should play a role in the decision, as well.

jerry owens: another player we're all familiar with. i declared his major league career effectively over before the start of the season and his continued injuries and meh play in charlotte certainly don't make me look wrong. could get the call over someone like bourgeois simply by virtue of being on the 40 man already. his speed is enticing but his 24 for 36 in steals at charlotte is below that of bougeois and is his only real skill. and being below acceptable in that isn't good.

jack egbert: cheat's boy and a pecota fave had injury troubles in ST and in the early part of the season. has settled in somewhat  after a rocky start but the numbers aren't all that inspiring, especially his home runs. while it was expected that the groundball master would give up more in the international league, his total of 13 so far eclipses his career total prior to the season.

jon link: very nice numbers as AA birmingham's closer; 19 bb, 58 k in 52 IP. whip of 1.12 and a very nice GB% of 59%. legit.

charlie haeger: whither the knuckler? the organizaton's displeasure/non-interest was apparent last year after he failed to get a september call. in his third full season at AAA, outside of a decreased k rate, his peripherals from 2007 are basically indistinguishable to 2008. or, to put it another way, not exactly the progress one would want to see.

ehren wassermann: does well in charlotte, inconsistent in the majors (2007 good, 2008 bad). your classic AAAA type reliever. after two poor stints in the majors this year, likely a longshot for another.

others with chances: mike macdougal, boone logan, jason childers (0.80 whip for the journeyman), paul phillips, brad eldred (leads international league in homers), derek rodriguez (1.07 whip at AAA, 34 k in 29 IP)

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