Twins Sweep White Sox, Season on the Brink

Nothing worked. I changed up my routine, played hooky, put on my lucky '05 gear, chewed on one of those orange plastic rings off a bottle of Gatorade while nervously stroking some two-day old stubble. But none of it worked. The Twins kept chipping away.


Drip. Drip. Drip.


The Twins offense is a Chinese water torture attack of broken bats, bloops, blistering speed, blown calls, and of course, clutch hits. It was scratch and claw, dink and dunk; get 'em on, get 'em over, get 'em in.

Drip. 6-3. Drip.

And there was nothing that could stop it. Gavin Floyd, the White Sox' stopper? Nope. 11 hits in just under 6 innings of work.

Drip. 6-4. Drip.

Matt Thornton? Nope. Torture. Death by a thousand paper cuts.

Drip. Runner on 3rd. 1 out. Drip.

And Finally, Bobby Jenks, needing 5 outs to save the season. Fail.

Drip. 6-6. Headed to extras. Drip.

6-7. Game. Sweep. Season.

  • Carlos Gomez is not a good hitter; the White Sox haven't figured this out yet. Gomez went 4-5 with 2 triples and a double Wednesday, with each of his 4 hits coming on fastballs, the most inexcusable of which was a letter high (but still in the strike zone) 0-2 pitch in the 8th from Bobby Jenks. What he was doing throwing him a fastball in that situation, I have no idea.

    Gomez hit .383/.403/.616 against the White Sox this season and just .244/.288/.330 against the rest of baseball. It's no wonder Hawk thinks he's the best player in baseball; He adds .140/.115/.285 to his line when he steps in the box against White Sox pitching. Douchenozzle.

  • Nick Punto scored the winning run following a 4-pitch walk. How the hell does one walk Nick F. Punto on 4 pirches, you ask. You have a little help from his friend. Click image at right
  • The White Sox have scored 7 or more runs in a game without the aide of the homerun 15 times in the Ozzie Guillen Era. The Twins 7 run victory Wednesday night was their 14th such game this season, and gave them a total of 49 in the Guillen Era.
  • In addition to their general malaise with runners in scoring posisiton while playing in domes, the White Sox have hit a terrible .173/.250/.295 against relievers in domes, including just 3 hits over the final two games when any hit against the Twins' pen might have given them the game.
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