A Place for Prognostications

Would have been a better thread before the playoffs started yesterday, but we need a new thread until today's games and I think a post where we all voice our playoff series predictions might be a good idea.


My terrible predictions after the jump.


L.A.'s main advantage is on defense and the teams are fairly close to a wash in lineups, but Boston has the edge in pitching and have knocked the Angels out of the playoffs in the ALDS the past two years.  Here comes the three-peat. BOS 3-1.


It didn't matter which team won the tiebreaker.  The Yankees are too good this year.  NYY 3-0.


Fairly even by the numbers, but I think Philly takes it on homefield advantage. PHI 3-1.


Potentially one of the best division series this year.  The Dodgers are the better team in my mind because they have more hitting depth.  Expect Torre to walk Albert Pujols as much as possible.  I've never bought into the whole "youth will do bad in the playoffs" shit and don't plan on starting to now.  If the Dodgers keep forcing LaRussa to use his bullpen, the Cardinals are screwed.  LAD 3-1 (I want it to go to game 4 as one of my roommates has tickets to it and the hilarity of watching his team get eliminated in person is too much for me not to cheer for. Sorry Bobby.)


The team with the best odds of stopping New York is apparently Boston.  The season series was split 9-9, but I'm still going with the Bombers.  Should be a good series though.  NYY 4-2.


Philly led the NL in homeruns.  L.A.'s pitching staff allowed the least HR/9 in the NL.  Strength meet strength.  Both teams have good lineups, but the Dodgers have better pitching.  Crown a new team WS champs.  LAD 4-1.

World Series: LAD vs. NYY

After 12 long years, the Gentleman Masher finally returns to the Fall Classic.  That makes me happy.  Unfortunately, his team has to face New York.  While the Dodgers have the advantage being able to play Jim Thome in the Bronx while the Yankees can't use Godzilla in L.A., it won't make that big of a difference.  The Yankees get their second championship of the decade, A-Rod finally gets his ring, and we all die a little inside watching Jim look sad and Nick Swisher celebrate.  NYY 4-2.

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