SSS Time Machine Tournament Round 1, Game 1

So for those unaware of what this is go read this.  Since I got the All-Time RHP out of the way, I feel like doing the first batch of games for our little time machine tournament thing.  In case you were wondering about the DH, here's your answer.  When the home team is from 1973 to the present, there will be a DH.  When the home team is from pre-1973, the pitcher will bat.  The second team listed is the home team.  In the first round we have three match-ups where this won't be an issue.  And as fair warning, the fanposts for the first round are gonna be crazy long.  If you guys can think of nicknames for the 16 teams, that'd be great (historical stuff, marketing slogans).  Some are obvious to me, but others not so much.


1919 (e-gus) vs. 1994 (U-God)

Results: 1919: 8, 1994: 5

WP- Lefty Williams (1-0), LP- Jack McDowell (0-1), SV- Frank Shellenback (1)

HR- none

In a battle of the team that threw the WS and the team who didn't get the chance to play in it, the first game went to the Black Sox.  The 94 Sox drew first blood in the second on an Ozzie Guillen single to right, scoring Darrin Jackson.  Black Jack got a little wild in the fourth though, loading the bases and walking Swede Risberg to allow a run.  He then threw a wild pitch which let Eddie Collins score.  The Black Sox chased McDowell from the game after 4.3 innings by tacking on another three runs.  the 94 Sox refused to go down quietly, loading the bases in the seventh and driving in three runs to bring the score back up to 5-4.  But the 1919 Sox nailed the coffin shut in the eighth by tallying three more runs on a Fred McMullin single to left.  The 94 team would put up an effort, scoring one more in the ninth, but the rally would fall short.  1919 leads series 1-0.

2005 (joewho112) vs. 1983 (ryno/hoysstash)

Results: 1983- 4, 2005- 2

WP- LaMarr Hoyt (1-0), LP- Mark Buehrle (0-1), SV- Dennis Lamp (1)

HR: T. Iguchi (1), C. Fisk (1)

The World Champs got off to a fast start, with Podesdnik reaching on an error, stealing second, and Gooch crushing a two-run shot to right field.  This would be all the damage they could muster up against LaMarr Hoyt.  Hoyt pitched 8.3 innings, striking out 4 and giving up 9 hits.  Beuhrle pitched weel enough to lose, going 7.6 innings with 10 hits and 4 earned runs.  The 83 team got on the board in the third as Wimpy hit a dribbler past the mound and Fisk brought him home on a two-run homer that barely made it inside the right field foul pole.  In the fourth, Julio Cruz would hit into a fielder's choice that would score Harold Baines.  The final run of the game would come in the eighth, when Rudy Law hit a leadoff double and would come around to score on a Ron Kittle single to left.  1983 leads series 1-0.

1964 (SoxMachine) vs. 1972 (winningugly)

Results: 1964- 9, 1972- 5

WP: Gary Peters (1-0), LP: Wilbur Wood (0-1)

HR: Pat Kelly (1)

In our first game to not use a DH, we have our highest scoring game so far.  Both starters pitched far into the game (Peters-8, Wood- 7.1), but both allowed all the runs for each side (Wood allowed 3 unearned).  And I just learned I can link the resuts to these games.  Click on results to see them from here out.  The game stayed close, going from 1-0, 2-0, 2-2, 4-2, until the top of the fourth.  The 1964 team exploded for three runs on a walk, three singles, and a sac fly.  The 72 squads would charge back, scoring three over the next two innings on Pat Kelly's solo shot to left and a two-run single from Bill Melton.  Dave Nicholson would put the game out of reach in the eighth with a two-run double.  1964 leads series 1-0.

1997 (KenWo) vs. 2008 (Catbrains)

Results: 2008- 8, 1997-3

WP: Mark Buehrle (1-0), LP: Jaime Navarro (0-1)

HR: Carlos Quentin (1)

The game was actually much closer than the final score may indicate.  Harold Baines drove Ray Durham in on a single to right in the first inning, giving 97 the lead 1-0.  The 08 squad answered back in their half of the first by scoring two on a Jermaine Dye double to the gap in left-center.  Jim Thome would drive Quentin in on a double in the third, to extend the lead to 3-1.  The 97 squad would tie things back up in the fourth with Mike Cameron bloop singling Albert Belle home and Dave Martinez recording an RBI groundout to bring in Harold Baines.  Buehrle would prove too much for the 1997 squad to handle from here out, striking out 10 hitters over seven innings and only allowing two more hits.  Quentin would break the tie in the fifth on a solo shot to left, scoring for the third time this game.  The 08 team decisively ended the game in the seventh, with JD doubling to bring in Quentin (fourth run) and Pierzynski.  This gave JD 4 RBI in the game.  The bases would then be loaded for Che to hit into a fielder's choice, scoring JD.  Crede would single Paul Konerko, the final run.  2008 leads series 1-0.

I'll post the second half of round 1 tomorrow.  Any tips or ideas or anything else you'd like to see added would be appreciated.


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