SSS Time Machine Tournament Round 1, Game 1 (Part 2)

Sorry I didn't get around to posting this yesterday, but are you really surprised?  I wasn't.  Oh well.  Here are the next four games in the series.


1959 (Cheat) vs. 1993 (Vince)

Results: 1993- 3, 1959- 2

WP: Alex Fernandez (1-0), LP: Early Wynn (0-1)

The Go-Go Sox were handed a loss in their first game of the tournament.  Both starters went the distance, with Fernandez out-dueling Wynn.  Fernandez threw a gem: striking out six, walking three, giving up six hits and two runs.  59 got on the board in the third, scoring two runs on back to back to back doubles by Bubba Phillips, Billy Goodman, and Jim McAnany.  Three innings later, the 93 squad would reurn the favor.  Ventura and Thomas singled their ways on and were brought home by an Ellis Burks double to left-center.  Kark would then single Ellis in for the final run of the game.  Alex Fernandez wins player of the game for his complete game victory.  1993 leads series 1-0.

1977 (Nordhagen/Chiburb) vs. 1920 (The Wizard)

Results: 1920- 7, 1977- 3

WP: Red Faber (1-0), LP: Francisco Barrios (0-1)

HR: Oscar Gamble (1)

In the match that had the most talk about it (though only between the partcipants), Wiz's squad came out ahead in the first game.  Faber pitched like the beast he was, going 8.66 and striking out six.  Barrios didn't even make it past the second inning.  The 1920 team loaded the bases to start the second.  Nemo Liebold promptly emptied them with a double to center.  A Ray Schalk bloop single resulted in runners on first and third, which Buck Weaver remedied by hitting a bloop double to clear the bags yet again.  Felsch would single Weaver home before Eddie Collins grounded out to end the inning he lead off with a walk.  In the top of the third, Oscar Gamble and his magnificent afro would hit a solo shot to dead center, bringing the score to 6-1.  There would be no more scoring til Shoeless Joe doubled Weaver in for their seventh run in the seventh inning.  The South Side Hitmen rallied in the ninth, eking two more runs across before Zisk popped out to end the game.  Nemo Liebold wins player of the game, going 2-3 with a double, a walk, a run scored, and three driven in.  1920 leads series (1-0).

1906 (Big Ed Walsh) vs. 1990 (Sox-35th)

Results: 1990- 4, 1906- 3

WP: Melido Perez (1-0), LP: Frank Owen (0-1), SV: Bobby thigpen (1)

HR: Fielder Jones (1)

In the battle of the new posters, the Good Guys that Wore Black pulled off the upset.  Both starters went eight innings (apparently this thing doesn't like bringing in relievers) and gave up three earned runs.  Unfortunately, the Hitless Wonders played some craptacular defense that lead to their demise.  Both teams wasted little time scoring, each putting up a run in the second.  Fielder Jones blasted one out into the left field seats, while Ozzie Guillen hit a ducksnort double that scored Sammy Sosa.  Fisk and Guillen would wind up on first and third in the fourth, when Scott Fletcher hit one past the mound the score Pudge and get Oz to third.  Ventura then grounded into what looked to be a sure double play, only to beat the throw to first, scoring Guillen (3-1).  A throwing error and a booted ball in the sixth proved to be the difference maker as Sosa advanced to third and came home on each.  The Hitless Wonders would put a run up in the eighth and ninth, but would fall short by one as Thigpen shut them down on ten pitches.  Melido wins player of the game, because no one else did anything that great.  1990 leads series 1-0.

1917 (jc-random numbers i'm too lazy to look up) vs. 2000 (Ozzie Montana)

Results: 2000- 10, 1917-1

WP: Jim Parque (1-0), LP: Eddie Cicotte (0-1)

Apparently the Kids Can Play.  This is both the biggest blow-out so far and the most surprising victory.  The World Champs were in it til the eighth when the 2000 squad blew them away.  Frank Thomas would score an a Magglio Ordoñez single in the first.  The Kids would tack on three more runs in the second, after Singleton reached on an error.  El Caballo doubled him in.  Durham preceded to single him home.  A PK single to right would move Ray over to third, where Frank Thomas would single him in (4-0).  And now onto that eighth inning.  The bases were loaded with one out.  Chris Singleton hit a screamer into left scoring Charles Johnson and Magglio.  Carlos Lee would hit into a fielder's choice that scored Jose Valentin.  The bases would become reloaded until Frank Thomas' bloop double to left-center emptied them (10-0).  Chick Gandil would drive Buck Weaver in for the 1917 team's only run of the game.  The Big Hurt wins player of the game for driving in four runs while going 3 for 5.  2000 leads the series 1-0.


Games 2 of round 1 will be coming soon.

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