SSS Time Machine Tournament Round 1, Game 2 (Part 2)

So I got out of physics lab early and have some open time, so Nordhagen, here's your numbers fix.  I'm going to try and come up with a less confusing nomenclature, maybe split the brackets into West and Central divisions.  The teams that have been in the Part 1 posts (1994, 1919, 2005, 1983, 1964, 1972, 1997, and 2008) will now be known as the SSS Central Division.  The teams from the Part 2 posts (1959, 1993, 1977, 1920, 1906, 1990, 1917, and 2000) will be known as the SSS West Division.  So today's games are in the SSS West.

1959 (Cheat) vs. 1993 (Vince)

Results:  1993- 7, 1959- 2

WP: Jack McDowell (1-0), LP: Billy Pierce (0-1)

HR: Frank Thomas

It seems like every Frank Thomas in the tournament responded to Colin's disappointment and started hitting the ball and hitting it hard.  The 1993 team is ready to pick up the brooms as they have taken the first two games of this series.  Jim Landis would manufacture his way over to third in the first and ultimately come home on a Nellie Fox single to right.  Lance Johnson, Robin Ventura, and Ellis Burks would load the bases on a single and two walks.  Billy Pierce would then merry-go-round in a run by walking Ron Karkovice (1-1).  George Bell and Lance Johnson would find themselves on third and second in the bottom of the second with one out.  Robin Ventura would drive both in with a single to right.  Frank Thomas would then take Pierce yard to deep left field in the next at bat (5-1).  the 93 squad would tack on two more in the seventh on a Tim Raines single and a Ron Karkovice sac-fly.  Nellie Fox would double in Al Smith in the ninth, but the rally would fall far short of the necessary seven runs.  Black Jack wins player of the game for throwing a two-run complete game.  1993 leads series 2-0.

1977 (Nordhagen/Chiburb) vs. 1920 (The Wizard)

Results: 1977- 14, 1920-5

WP: Steve Stone (1-0), LP: Lefty Williams (0-1)

HR: Jim Spencer (1)

The South Side Hitmen lived up to their billing in this massacre of the 1920 team.  Both teams reached double-digit hit totals, but only the 1977 squad strung them together well enough for the win.  It was a tie game (5-5) until the top of the seventh inning, when all hell pretty much broke loose.  Williams would load the bases with no outs.  The mighty Jorge Orta smacked a ground-rule double to right, scoring Zisk and Soderholm.  Jim Spencer then hit a monster three-run homer into right.  Bannister and Essian would both single to right.  Zisk would step up and hit his second single of the inning to plate Bannister.  The bases were loaded once more and Chet Lemon took full advantage by lacing a double to center field to clear the bags.  Nine runs went on the board before this inning ended, crushing all hope of a victory from the 1920 squad.  Eric Soderholm wins player of the game for going 4-6 with three runs scored.  The series is tied 1-1.

1906 (Big Ed Walsh) vs. 1990 (Sox-35th)

Results: 1906- 3, 1990- 2

WP: Ed Walsh (1-0), LP: Greg Hibbard (0-1)

This match-up gave us another close game, this time in favor of the Hitless Wonders.  Both starters went the full nine, with Walsh pitching much more effectively (more on this later).  Frank Isbell reached on an infield single in the fourth before Fielder Jones smacked a double to center to score him.  The 06 team would score two more the next inning without the use of a ball hit in the air.  The Good Guys in Black would put up both of their runs in the seventh on a Sammy Sosa triple that plated Ivan Calderon and Carlton Fisk.  The player of the game is Ed Walsh for his dominate 10 strike out, six hits, one walk, complete game performance.  Series tied 1-1.

1917 (jc-random numbers i'm too lazy to look up) vs. 2000 (Ozzie Montana)

Results: 2000- 7, 1917- 4

WP: Mike Sirotka (1-0), LP: Red Faber (0-1), SV: Keith Foulke (1)

In what has the chance to become the biggest upset of the tournament thus far, the 2000 squad has the 1917 World Champions on the ropes.  While this game was hardly the beatdown game one of the series was, the 1917 team has yet to hold a lead so far.  Both starters pitched a solid six innings before the wheels began to fall off in the seventh (which seems to be pretty common).  Charles Johnson, Magglio Ordoñez, and Herb Perry loaded the bases to start the inning.  Jose Valentin would hit a single to drive in Johnson and Maggs.  Chris Singleton, Carlos Lee, and Ray Durham would all single in a run in consecutive at bats.  A Paul Konerko walk would reload the bases and a booted ball by Buck Weaver would allow Charles Johnson to reach base twice in the inning and Carlos Lee to score from third (6-0).  The 1917 team would tally four of their own in the next half-inning on two bases loaded walks, an error on a routine play by the Milkman, and a single by Shoeless Joe.  The Kids would score the final run of the game when Ray Durham singled in Chris Singleton for the second time in as many innings.  Foulke would strike our Swede Risberg looking to end the game.  Ray Durham wins player of the game for going 3-5 with two RBI.  2000 leads series 2-0.


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