Baseball on the Radio on the Phone: MLB Mobile offerings

As has been noted both in the MSM and by Chiburb and I, the 2009 MLB iPhone app "Lite" version dropped recently with the full version set for release April 2. It looks like MLB upped the ante somewhat on their mobile offerings and from what they're advertising, should be separating money from bank accounts in the near future.

I downloaded the iPhone app to give it a whirl (hell, it's free). At first blush, it appears that they repackaged the $4.99 app from last year and sent it out as the "free" version to whet your appetite during Spring Training/WBC. All the Gameday functions, score updates, and video highlights are there. Not that this data (minus video) can't be viewed via the always free, phone-agnostic WAP interface, it's got that nice iPhone polish and it's not like I got swindled for $5 like last year's offering.

The major new feature that is being added to MLB's mobile offerings across the board is access to Gameday Audio. This isn't just in the iPhone app, you can get it on your Crackberry, Windows Mobile device, or (maybe, I'd read the fine print) your non-smartphone as well. Home and away feeds are available (oh boy! DJ and Farmio in my pocket!). I don't know how MLB and XM's partnerships go, but I know this stopped me from shopping around for a mobile XM receiver. I've used the Pandora and Public Radio apps for some time and while the Pandora app picks back up pretty well after a dead zone, the NPR app dies. Here's to hoping their coders made a solid product for those that will use this on-the-go.

TANSTAAFL: The app price hasn't been released yet, other than the "under $10" quote from the NYT article. I did ask around the MLB forums and no, they will not be offering bundling of the app with any offering. Even though Gameday Audio is bundled with any package, listening via computer and listening via mobile phone are considered by them to be different products and thus you have to pay twice.

[TANSTAAFL update (2/25, 3:30PM PST): while looking up SAMs question, I tried out the WAP interface and it appears that they removed the Live Pitch-by-Pitch function. Must be the gentle nudge via sledgehammer to push you towards their pay-for products.]

[MLB mobile]

[MLB At Bat]

[MLB At Bat iTunes link]

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