SSS Time Machine Tournament Round 1, West Division Game Four

After an incredibly long rain delay (sorry, the weekend of Unofficial is the least productive weekend of the year, hands down), the tourney has resumed.  Last time the West Division played two World Series teams were knocked out, as 1959 and 1917 were swept by 1993 and 200 respectively.  With the Central ready for the second round, lets see if the West can move us there or if I have to run more games before typing the All-Time LHP post.


1920 (The Wizard) vs. 1977 (Nordhagen/Chiburb)

Results: 1920- 10, 1977-4

WP: Dickie Kerr (1-0), LP: Ken Kravec (0-1)

HR: Eddie Murphy (1), Joe Jackson (1), Happy Felsch (1)

Sorry Nord and Chi, but you guys are f*cking out and Wiz is f*cking in.  1920 took control in the first inning and never looked back.  Runners were at first and third when Eddie Collins (who did this to spite you Chi) laced a double into center scoring both Weaver and Felsch.  Jorge Orta doubled Chet Lemon in from first in the bottom half of the second (2-1).  Keeping with the theme, Shano Collins doubled  Felsch in in the top of the third.  Shano came around to score on a Swede Risberg triple in the fifth (4-1).  Three more crossed the plate in the sixth, when Eddie Murphy crushed one to right-center.  Shoeless Joe followed with a single and came in with Happy Felsch on a line-shot to left.  77 would gain two back in the bottom of the frame when Eric Soderhelm doubled in Oscar Gamble and Richie Zisk (7-3).  Jackson would all but end the game in the seventh, with his towering three-run homer to left.  The Hitmen would score one more in the bottom of the ninth, but to no avail.  The PotG is Joe Jackson, going 3-5 with two runs scored and his three-run homer.  Congrats Wiz, you have the only deadball-era team to make it to the second round so far.  1920 wins series 3-1.


1990 (Sox-35th) vs. 1906 (Big Ed Walsh)

Results: 1906- 1, 1990- 0

WP: Doc White (1-0), LP: Eric King (0-1)

And it ends with a whimper for the Good Guys in Black.  The Hitless Wonders held them to only six runs over the four games and move on to the second round on the strength of their pitching.  They also become only the second deadball-era team to advance.  It's hard to do much of a write-up for this game, as it should have been more of a blow-out than this.  The Hitless Wonders recorded ten hits, yet managed only one run.  That run was scored by Jiggs Donahue when George Davis beat out a double play, scoring Jiggs from third.  White pitched a gem, a three hit, one walk shutout.  This series stopping performance was good enough to win him PotG.  1906 wins series 3-1.


The West Division first round is now over, bringing the first round of the Time Machine Tournament to a close.  The following best of five match-ups will be occurring in the second round for the West:  1993 (vince) vs. 1920 (The Wizard) and 1906 (Big Ed Walsh) vs. 2000 (Ozzie Montana).

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