SSS Outing 2009: Section's reserved, next steps outlined here...

Everyone’s favorite topic next to a certain auburn-haired prospect/future HOF’er…


I wanted to create yet another new fanpost for the SSS Outing 2009 because the last one is not only losing its front page glory today, but it was also lardtastic; which made real information pretty difficult to find in there.  Kinda like a Cheeto that….okay, I’ll spare you guys that visual again. 


I have a list of exactly 22 people now. 

You 22 folks have had 2 weeks to change your minds, and are now practically married to this event.


I spoke with a nice fellow at ticket sales today and reserved our 22 seats in a section in RF, which was the poll-winning section from the last thread. 


What that means, is the 22 people on the following list need to put their moneys where their mouths is.  We need $200 deposit by Friday (which WU or larry have agreed to front in case I can’t collect that much by Friday…) and then the rest of the $636 by mid-April. 


For all the non-mathematical minds, that breaks down to $38/person.*******Actual amount is $39.50 - see addendum below*****


I am hoping that everyone who has agreed to this event can get me that money by the end of this month, which is exactly 2 weeks from now.  'Twould also be nice if at least 6 of us could send it by Friday, so WU or larry don't have to spot it. 


That said, I set up a paypal account with my email address  


For those of you unfamiliar with paypal…hey, me too! I’ve never used it before! 

It seems pretty self-explanatory and as far as I can tell, all you’ll need is my email address and a paypal account of your own (someone correct me if you can send money to my paypal without having your own paypal account). 


So here is the final roster…if you are canceling, I need to know immediately.  If you want to be added, I need to know immediately (new additions - I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to get you a ticket in our chunk of seats, but probably at least in the same section). 


Friday, May 22nd vs Pirates, 7 PM


x1. HSA  

2. Illini0509

x3. thecip

4. larry

x5. Ozzie Montana Trooper

x6. Hazymania

x7. MarketMaker

x8. El Diablo

x9. e-Gus

x10. Mrs. e-Gus

x11. HappyHuman

x12. BustedFlush

13. colintj

x14. winningugly

x15. The Actual El Guapo

16. U-God

x17. rangerjae

x18. LT_sox_fan

x19. 815Sox

x20. Christopher Michaels (as Cowley)

x21. T-dogg

22. CWSKeith


"x" indicates PAIDfer.


I’m still waiting on emails from most of you…

All I need is an email identifying yourself.  I will use your addresses to send out a general email with an overview of details and a reminder (for colin) when the date is getting closer. 

We’ll also have to arrange meeting outside the park before the game because all 22 tickets are getting mailed directly to the Evergreen State.  If you are a special case and know you have to arrive late, for example, I could probably mail out some tickets directly to people in advance, if needed.  Email me if you are special (clap your hands if you know it). :-)


If you want to submit your paypal payment and THEN email me to let me know it’s in there, I’d appreciate that too.  I am (obviously) keeping a list of people and will be checking you off once you’ve paid.  And since I don’t know many of your real names, I won’t be able to tell who has paid unless you email me to identify yourself.

I will not use your email address for spam, nor share it with my corporate sponsors or business partners.



Organizing an outing like this is no small task, but we are mere inches from solidifying all the significant details, and your cooperation is moving this along quite nicely, so thank you to everyone.


If you need to refer to the last thread for any reason (it’s a good bathroom read, for instance), here is a link to it. 


***Addendum: I had to upgrade my paypal account in order to receive more than $500 per month, but now they're charging me to have this "premiere" status (gee thanks).  I got a $38 payment that translated to $36.60 to my account.  So, please submit your payment for $39.50 instead of the $38 ticket price.  Thank you!!!! *******

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