SSS Time Machine Tournament Central Division Series Games 1

Sorry about the ridiculously long delay, but the next round of the SSSTMT is finally underway. This round will also be best of five, counting stats that I have managed to record will carry over.


1994 (U-God) vs. 1983 (ryno/hoysstash)

Results: 1983- 7, 1994- 0

WP: LaMarr Hoyt (2-0), LP: Jack McDowell (0-2)

HR: Carlton Fisk (2), Greg Luzinksi (2), Julio Cruz (1)

The buzz-saw that is the Winning Ugly team continues to push through the tournament, keeping their winning streak going.  LaMarr Hoyt pitched a solid if unspectacular shutout, striking out four and allowing seven hits.  Jack McDowell's rough stretch continued, as he gave up all seven runs in 5.1 innings.  1983 started the scoring in the second, when Greg Luzinski started off the inning with a solo-shot to left.  In the next inning, Wimpy walked and Pudge tore the cover off the ball on a two-run shot into left-center (3-0).  Julio Cruz kept it going in the fourth, when he singled Baines in from second.  Cruz would come up big again in the sixth when he barely hit one over the centerfield fence, scoring three.  I'm going to award Julio Cruz the PotG honors for his 2-4 performance, featuring a three-run homer and four RBI.  1983 leads series 1-0.


1964 (SoxMachine) vs. 1997 (KenWo)

Results: 1964- 13, 1997- 2

WP: Gary Peters (2-0), LP: Jaime Navarro (0-2)

HR: Bill Skowron (1), Pete Ward (1), Dave Nicholson (1)

Well at least my team didn't lose as bad as KenWo's.  The rout was on in this match-up.  A Floyd Robinson single scored Skowron in the fourth.  64 squeaked another one by when Nicholson beat out a double play, aloowing Ward to score.  A Ron Hansen double in the fifth doubled the lead, as Ward and Tommy McCraw came around.  A Jorge Fabregas groundout scored Dave Martinez in the bottom of the fifth (4-1).  Nicholson took that run back in the sixth, taking Foulke deep to right.  A Baines groundout scored Ventura, in what would be the last run scored by the 97 team (5-2).  Skowron singled McCraw home in the seventh.  The next seven runs would come in the ninth, as Jim's boys decided to pour salt in the wound.  Skowron and Ward went back-to-back, scoring three.  A Nicholson single scored Hansen, and Nicholson quickly came around with Robinson on a J.C. Martin single to right-center.  McCraw singled Martin in, and the final damage had been done.  The Moose wins PotG after going 3-6 with a two-run homer, three RBI, and two runs scored.  1964 leads series 1-0.

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