Notes from Sabermetrics Night at the Cell

Frontpaged. Because who wants to read a recap about another crappy shutout? -- The Cheat

Kevin Goldstein hears from scouts that Poreda's breaking stuff is more consistent. Whereas in the past he heard the vast majority of scouts saying Poreda would end up as a reliever, the opinion is now split much closer to 50-50.

Goldstein is hearing that the White Sox are going to be looking for "upside" in the draft.

When Rick Hahn entered the conference room, Goldstein was discussing that the White Sox were going to be giving up far less for Peavy than the Braves were in the offseason. Hahn smiled at that description.

Hahn discussed the perception that the White Sox were in the bottom half of "sabr-friendly" organizations. He likes that perception because it helps them pull off deals. Noted that another organization that would probably be considered in the top few sabr-friendly had a deal for Quentin but that was nixed by that organization's medical staff. Noted that KW certainly is more comfortable with going with his "eyes and gut" but he listens to all the information and opinions.

Dan Fabian, the White Sox resident stat guy, has spent the most time working on relief/bullpen analysis, health, and the coaching staff. Noted the obvious that Herm and the staff at Rush Medical lets the White Sox take a gamble on injury-prone players.

Hahn was talking to one of his assistant GM buddies and they came up with two teams who will have money to pick up contracts this season; says there will probably be a couple more who can but expects lots more sellers than buyers.

He says the Sox spend "too much time" with their pitchers on trying to stop the running game. Says "too much" because it's not working and they should probably just focus on the hitters. Noted that the Sox take the whole player and not holding runners is a negative they'll accept if other things are good.

Reiterated that they strongly believe Flowers will be able to adequately handle being a catcher at the major league level. Discussed AJ's impact: sticks to a gameplan but also knows how to make adjustments in the gameplan.

Beckham has "marvelous makeup" and "special makeup". Beckham can handle the expectations placed on him but Hahn thought the hype in spring training was ridiculous. As for Beckham playing third at Charlotte, he sarcastically said "Don't read anything into that."

Responding to a question about BA being "mishandled" Hahn said BA had a chance in 2006 and he wasn't very good. Needed to go back to the minors to work on some things. Still needs to work on some things mechanically with his swing. Also expect to see a kind of platoon so long as BA has trouble with righties. As for being "mishandled", BA doesn't and never has lacked confidence so that wasn't a concern.

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