Sox Win It In Long 13

Today was a typical game for the White Sox as we Sox fans have grown to know them, dragging the win out at the last second and taking a day off our lives with each second.  And Scott Podesednik thrived in the clutch as he always has in Chicago, and he loves it.

The day started out rough for the Sox as the Dodgers broke the 0-0 tie in the fourth.  It all started when Clayton Richard hit Juan Pierre to lead off the inning.  Then, Russell Martin flew out to right, which pushed Pierre over to 2nd.  Next, Juan Pierre stole 3rd without much of a surprise.  Then, Orlando Hudson drove in Pierre with a single to left.  Casey Blake singled moving Hudson to 2nd.  Kemp flew out to deep right, allowing Hudson to get to third.  The stolen bases against the White Sox grew higher as Blake took 2nd.  Mark Loretta then delivered a double to deep left driving in Blake and Hudson.  After the 4th, 3-0, Dodgers.

Top of the 5th made the Dodgers look even better, with the hits and sacrifices still piling up, only 1 run was plated by the Dodgers in the 5th.  Richard only made 1 out in the fifth before being taken out and being replaced by Carrasco, who came in and allowed nothing more by getting Blake to fly out and striking out Matt Kemp, who is one of the best power hitters for the Dodgers, which left men on 2nd and 3rd.  Middle of the 5th, Dodgers up 4-0.

Finally, the Sox's offense decided to respond in the bottom of the 5th with Konerko leading off with a homer and Wise tripled to deep center right after Josh Fields walked.  End of the 5th, Sox still down 4-2.

In the 6th, Carrasco came out strong once again as he allowed a double to Loretta and then striking out Jones, Ausmus, and Castro.  In the bottom half, Dye doubled to right after Ramirez flew out.  Thome walks and Konerko fails to do anything.  With 2 outs, AJ comes up to the plate and puts one over the fence to finally give the Sox the lead, 5-4.

Top of the 7th, Dodgers respond once again while taking advantage of a throwing error from Ramirez to get Russell Martin out at first.  Unfortunately, Hudson then singles and pushed Martin to third and Blake grounds out to second as the Sox concede the run for the out.

In the top of the 8th, Sox reliever Scott Linebrink looking strong after struggling for a couple of weeks.  (I will admit, once I saw him come out, I felt like having a heart attack since he has been throwing horribly.)  Luckily, Linebrink ends up striking out 2.  From the 8th to the 11th, only 1 hit was given up by the Dodgers.

In the bottom of the 12th, Sox blow a huge chance to win it.  Podsednik singles after Wise flies out and Ramirez pushed Pods over with a nice single to the shortstop.  With 2 men on and only 1 out, Anderson grounds out to first which moves them both over, but Nix fails to get a base hit to drive in anyone to end the inning.  In the 13th, Poreda came in and struck out 2 out of the 3 batters he faced, proving he belongs in the majors. 

In the bottom half of the 13th though, the Sox redeemed their chance for the win as Konerko singled and was then replaced for Gordon Beckham.  AJ then singles to right and Getz is intentionally walked to load the bases.  With bases loaded and no outs, Field AND Wise both fly out to center.  With 2 outs now and hope running out for runs in the inning, Pods proved once again how clutch he is in Chicago by getting a base hit to center to drive in Beckham.  In the end, Sox get the 'W' but with some unnecessary stress for the fans.

Even though I love the Sox, sometimes I hate the stress they put into each game... They keep it exciting at least.  Sox go on to face the Cubs at the Cell.  Hopefully the Sox can take advantage of this Cubs team that has been beaten around this year and who has just gotten swept by the Tigers.

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