Gordon Beckham v. Too...oh wait, I don't think I was supposed to write that

Just got back from some exciting White Sox baseball in the glorious Oakland / Alameda County Coliseum that I watched along with our beloved Toonder.

First observation: We didn't get any autographs on any of our balls. Together, we had three and not one got signed.

Other happenings: The ushers at the Coliseum are some stand-up folk, if you ever have the pleasure of talking with them. One chap happened to be a fudgePacker fan, but I didn't hold that against the old fella.

We had great seats, to the point that you would have been able to see us on TV (maybe) had the game been broadcast. You are all saps!

I didn't think there was a shot in hell that Nix's two-run shot would stay fair, but then it did. That proved to be enough scoring for the day (at least for the Sox), but the Sox decided to tack on 5.5 more runs over the next 7 innings, as we can only count Thomer's mashed tater in the 9th as 0.5 runs because it was so unclutch. I mean, wtf? Hit some singles there big fella!

Gordon Beckham was solid. In the field he bare-handed a slow chopper and fired to first to get (insert some semi-fast dude's name here), yielding a second to (insert other Oakland player's name here...Ellis?). He had a nice opposite field single that he seemed unsure of and also ripped a double to the left-field corner that neither he nor Toonder thought would be a double. For that, they are both douches. I knew off the bat that it would be a double.

Rios got a hit and looked good in the field. I was surprised how tall he is. He also hit some huge BP home runs. I think he's gonna have a good September.

Chelexi is skinny and I didn't agree with his steal attempt in the 4th or bunt in the 7th (?), but Toonder thought it was a good idea. I guess once he gets done sucking Ozzie off, we can once again discuss the matter ;)

I liked AJ's heads up base running on Quentin's bloop single in the 3rd. I also like how he shut the haters up with his 2 or 3 singles. It was nice to see him look like absolute shit on a few pitches and then rope a single to center in the 7th or 8th.

And what recap would be complete without an acknowledgment of BHB. He didn't have his best stuff, but got through seven giving up only 1 run. Hells yeah! Toonder likened it to a Buehrle outing, and I have to agree. Give up some hits, keep the walks down, the defense helped him out a few times. Good stuff there BHB. I made sure to down a beer (or seven) for you in celebration.

Anyways, that's about all I can recap right now as I have to go pray. It was a great day in the sun and we brought home a winner. What more could you ask for?...beside a Detroit loss, I suppose.

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