I wasn't going to put this musing into a fanpost

 , but I was motivated to try to start the discussion correctly after the last fanpost attempt at finding our left-handed power source for next year. I was also motivated by another horrific offensive "performance".

First of all let's stop the Prince Fielder talk. Unless we were (stupidly) willing to part with one of the top 5 lefty pitching values in MLB that ain't gonna happen. So what could happen. Looking at it quick and dirty: who are all of the available lefty bats with an OPS above or around Thome?

I come up with:

Dunn (153 OPS+)

Hawpe (128, 30 y.o.)

Matsui (124, 35 yo)

Thome (123, 39 y.o.)

Laroche (119, 30)

Abreu (118, 36)

Overbay (120, 33)

I have excluded some for lack of availability, expense or injury (Helton, Branyan for example).

Out of these I like Hawpe the best. He has pretty good home/road splits, Colorado has too many OFs, he's relatively young, he's not that expensive. If he can be had for something like Jordan Danks and John Ely or Christain Marrero and Brent Morel then I'd do it. Wouldn't trade  Flowers, Hudson or Mitchell. But KW would have to talk to Ozzie and say something like: I can get this guy, but I'm only gonna do it if you promise me he will only play the field in an emergency (Thome and Matsui have already been handled in that manner and Dunn should be) .


If he's too expensive (talent-wise) then whoever is cheaper of Matsui or Thome. Laroche and Overbay wouldn't be horrible options if they can be had very cheaply. At this point I think all of the "he's taught the Angels to be patient professional hitters" talk has upped Abreu's projected salary beyond our pay range. Then again maybe I'm just tired of listening to Hawk slob his knob.

In order to get Dunn we'd probably have to dump salary and give up talent. So probably not worth it.

Thoughts? Comments?

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