Yes I am here again posting.  Giving you my thoughts, not that they mean anything, and some stuff to just to joke about.  This is my regular column at  You can check my stuff out there if you like.  In the meantime...


It's not that far away.  It all begins in late March.  You can smell the beer in the air; see the sex in the stands, and the errors on the diamond in Chicago.  Then, there's White Sox baseball when everyone watches a baseball game, and isn't concerned about the social club at Clark and Addison.

Yes my friends, baseball season's coming right around the corner and will be here before you know it.

Time for us White Sox fans and Cub sheep to trade shots at each other.  Then again, what's the point?  We know who rules this city.  At least with the baseball fans, not the tourists. 

You guys got rid of your cancer.  Congrats.  And then you go and sign another former Ranger to a 3 year deal.  Someone who had a great year last year; but for some reason the ivy blinds the potential of players, and they become shitty.  They like to hop, skip and jump before catching a ball.  They forget how many outs are in the game.

However, look at the White Sox, and you will see the man who will not only help the White Sox surpass the Cubs this year, you will see a man who's determined to bring the trophy with the flags back home to the south side, where it belongs.  That man's name: Jake Peavy.

''Nothing else matters except that ring now.  I have done the other stuff. I know you need to put up the numbers. I'm financially blessed thanks to the game of baseball. To win the Cy Young was the coolest thing individually that I have done. But I'm not in the gym every morning now for the Cy Young. I want what the boys did in 2005. I want that dog pile, that memory, that ring. If you're not dreaming of that same thing, I question where you are as an athlete.''-interview with Jake Peavy in Sun Times today.

This man sounds hungry, sounds passionate.  Perhaps you can sense a little "Chicago Tough" in him.  After reading this interview today, I believe that Jake Peavy will pull his weight and we will be in great position come October.  In the meantime, Cub fans, you guys may have to take a number, because St Louis has you beat again.  After all, they're the Cardinals, the pride of the NL Central. 

There's many reasons to be excited on the south side.  I look at the pitching rotation of Peavy, Mark Buehrle, John Danks, Gavin Floyd and Freddy Garcia, I get excited.  Although I am concerned about the bench, I still think if they're on, it's going to be a hell of a bench.  I like the fact we have a lead off guy not named Scotty Pods.  Thanks for 05 Scotty, but we're just not into to you right now.  We have a young superstar in Gordon Beckham.  There's much to be optimistic about for the White Sox.

However, questions still loom.  One, will the addition of Mark Teahen be a benefit, and can he handle third?  Two, are we going to do this rotating DH thing, or will someone else be here to take over?  Three, will Alex Rios live up to his potential?  Four, will we be able to celebrate Q like its 2008, or dread it like its 2009?  Five, how will our bullpen work out?  (I think the bullpen may be fine, but I'm concerned about the depth) 

These questions need to be answered and answered fast.  So as I said earlier, I can't wait for baseball to begin.  And Cub fans, take this as a warning, because there won't be another.  Get ready to lose a few games to us, and to see us walking away with the WS Trophy this year.



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