For Your Consideration: A SSS Bill of Rights

 Sea Change.

Paradigm Shift.

New World Order.


We communally are a freewheeling, freespirited and freethinking bunch.  Irreverent, disrespectful, ball busting, sardonic, ironic and sarcastic.  This is a major plus in my opinion.  From Kenwo's massive hubris trophy cabinet, HSA's verbose portslutiosity, larry's withering cold dry logic, and Rhubarb's abstract  stream of consciousness, we are a brilliant, talented, wide-ranging community united by our love of the White Sox, and the desire to entertain, edify,connect and share with each other.   I am proud to call myself a member. All in all, we represent the best of humanity- creative and imaginative, organic and diverse, alive and vibrant.  And simply the best WS blog on the planet.

At the same time, we all within us have the capacity to be the worst of our kind- Snarky, spiteful, mean, cruel and demeaning.   I am just as guilty of falling prey to the devil on my shoulder rather than the angel of my better nature.   (Kenwo, WU- I love you both.  Truly. Madly. Deeply.  With lube... I suppose a 3way is out of the question?)


So, with the new Regime rapidly goosesteping towards descending upon us, I for one do not want to lose what is best about our little corner of the interwebz, while allowing the dross (hatespeak, racism, rampant douchebaggery) to be purged away in the Refiner's fire.

So, I humbly submit for your discussion and debate, a SSS Bill of Rights (Thanks to OSFIB for planting the seed in my fevered brain).  If you agree with me, speak up- Let us join our voices in glorious communal shapenote SSS song... If you disagree you are welcome to eat a candybar out of my ass share your worthless dissenting opinion.  If we dont speak up for ourselves, we may quickly face someone else telling us what we may or may not speak.

So, Ladies and Gentleman, read on after Le Jumpe...


1- Profanity: It is my God Given Right. I'll give it up when you pry it from my cold dead lips, you miserable rat bastards! 

2- Politics, Race, Religion and Sexuality- Not why we are here, but it does make us who we are: There is a difference between bashing a religion, political/social/ethnic group, and making a funny comment about an individual in one of those groups. We are all members of several of those groups, and ignoring the differences between us makes us bland, flavorless and monochromatic, much like a loaf of Wonder Bread.  

So how to navigate these waters? Outlaw any comment about pansexual/ republicrat/ Jewaptist/ mexitalian/ Blatinos?  Can I still abuse the French?   I offer this simple four part proposition:

a- Avoid the broad brush.  Dont speak about any group in the general sense.  Just dont.  I know you want to say "Group A is (better-superior-smarter-wiser-more righteous) than Group B"  But dont. Please. 

b- Dont be Hateful.  You may think that all iced tea drinkers are going to boil for defying the Holy Steeped Beverage Rulebook delivered by the Great Cup of Coffee in the Sky, but keep it to yourself.  .

c-Obey the Hall Monitor. If an Editor says stop, stop IMMEDIATELY.  A word to the wise should be sufficient. Feel free to question them why, but do it offline directly to them, not in the forum.  No further posts when they say enough.

d- No Negative Value Judgements, please.  "Sarah Palin is stupid"  " Boris Karloff is a Cocksucker" "Silvio Berlusconi is the worst Italian Prime Minister (until they elect a new one)".   Your spouse loves you for your opinion- if it is not WSB related, we really dont care. 

3- Personal attacks are Verboten.  We all know the running jokes: TP's Mom, HSA's Portslutishness, WU's age and 'asian business partner', how white women swoon over T-Dogg.  None of these are meant to be mean.

WTGTD was mean- let his head on a pike be a lesson for all of us. (Good Call, btw E-gus)  In the words of Buckaroo Banzai- "Dont be mean. You dont have to be mean. Remember- wherever you go, there you are."

4- I got a right to be wrong. If I do cross a line, I have the right to be told how and why, so I can modify my behavior accordingly.  I dont want to be a jackhole, but acknowledge that I have the ability to be one.  'If we shadows have offended', tell us!! If we continue to offend, then and only then, let us Stand The Drop of York.


Thats what I have so far... I now cede the floor for an open and thoughtful debate.  Or what passes for one with all you fucktards.

SouthSideSox is a community driven site. As such, users are able to express their thoughts and opinions in a FanPost, such as this one, which represents the views of this particular fan, but not necessarily the entire community or SouthSideSox editors.

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