White Sox Feel Right At Home In Minnesota's New Digs

The White Sox own Target Field. 1-0 All-Time, baby!

Freddy Garcia continues to prove doubters ahemMEahem wrong. I'm not sure how he does it, but I'm not sure I care anymore. He kept the Sox in the game long enough for the offense to provide an effort even more unlikely than his league-average pitching this season. 

The Sox turned a number of (uncharacteristic) Twins miscues in the 5th inning into a big two-out rally, totaling 5 runs to decide the game. Next time Hawk s ays the Twins don't beat themselves, show him this inning after Kevin Slowey got two outs.

While things didn't appear any different in the box score, Ozzie has clearly changed up his end-of-game bullpen management. Matt Thornton was warming for the 8th inning, not because he was the set-up man, but because that's when the Twins big lefty bats were due up. Jenks got the call in the 9th inning save situation, but Ozzie had Sergio Santos up and ready in the pen to put out a fire should one arise. 

This is exactly how he should manage a club with a number of capable closers. He can protect Jenks ego (and perhaps his trade value) by handing him easy save opportunities, while turning to other members of the staff when matchups are more in their favor. The Sox closer situation right now is what their DH situation would look like had they signed Jim Thome or Johnny Damon. It's just a matter of plugging in the guy who gives you the best chance to win on any given night. 

I'm pretty sure there's another game in 12 hours (though it says start time is 6PM on the back end here at SBN) so I'll make this one a short recap. Also, I've got a final during the game, so you'll be on your own for Wednesday's recap.

from homesickalien, 11:46 PDT: First Game On Their Turf, Not As Twink-Shrinking As Expected

I imagine a mere few of us can honestly say we expected great things out of tonight - the moment we've all anxiously awaited, the first game of the new era, the day the Sox took the field in the sparkly new ballpark that is so thankfully finally not the Metrodome.

That warrants an amen,amen.

Not to say that the Sox are en route to targeting Twinkie Town domination on the basis of this one win...

But it sure feels good to stick it to Target Field early and get a hit of that hopeful high that maybe - just maybe - the curse of the @Minnesota games stayed put at the Metrodome, trapped somewhere in its white ceiling where it belongs.

Maybe it's our turn now to smoke 'em on their own grass.  

Anyway it's late and I don't want to talk your ear off, but this was a promising start at Target Field.  

There was something freaky in the air [conditioning] at the Metrodome to be sure, but I don't think it could hurt the Sox to get some confidence at Target and take a fresh perspective with them to Minnesota...

You know, to go along with all that newfangled fresh air.

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