I have created here a "fan post" in which you can share photographs of your dallying at the base ball outing on this Friday evening

After conferring with a member of the SSS editorial board (to protect anonymity I will not use her name but let's just say, for example's sake, it was H.S. Alien -- wait that's too obvious, let's go with Homesick A.) it was deemed a good idea that I receive mobile photos from the event and post them here if I'm able to do so while driving back from my business trip. So text them to and I will maybe post them here, though I promise nothing and give it 25 percent chance that this will never get edited at all because I might just take a nap when I get back depending on the traffic and what I'm forced to do at the truck stops I stop at

Fair wading: I'm doing this on the iPad so pictures might be coming in huge (that's what I said) but you know what, deal with it

Have fun and enjoy your run

Photos after "the jump," as we say in the biz

Out by Nipple (billyok's take: I miss that guy)

Former Sox continue to be more fun to play with than current Sox

Ballyb trading beer with little leaguers for plates and forks

Someone wiped their snot bits on the SSS Trivia showdown sheet

Someone wiped their... i don't... what (answer: it's erstad)

I'm told one of these people is Skanberg (probably the beer vendor)

Guy in hat does not approve of inappropriate behavior in truck bed, but I'll let it slide

This makes me wish I had been able to go, though some of the white ones on the left just look like the people making them stopped caring


A disheveled Joe Crede stops by to sign autographs, but SSSers flash gang signs at him in what I can only assume is a gross miscommunication

Tragedy strikes as a shocking Mark Kotsay homer causes WU to suffer a debilitating stroke

Love is in bloom as Lt Sox and HSA combine their two jerseys into one

SouthSideExpat catches a shirt! Would BA have had that? Discuss in the comments

Air Hug, I can down with that, right back at you buddy

Omar Vizquel is shot into the sky as the Sox bid farewell to their losing ways

What is this I have no words I thought we were something how could you!!! Also Colin, I know the barbershop probably doesn't have The Economist on its magazine table but I think it's time

Also appreciate how TDogg is so conditioned by all the losing that he has his rally cap on even though they're winning 8-0

Bulletin! Just received these late entrants (dated yesterday, so I'm not sure why they took so long to get here)

"So I said to my dad I said, I said—"

I guess the hat is ironic, I don't know, but in any event HSA does her best to shield ironic hat man from jeers with her stylish shoes

A supernova of awkward panic ensues when everyone, still sober, runs out of prepared conversation topics at the same time

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