Too good to lose at the end of a gamethread...

RWShow told South Side Expat that the Sox were NOT one of his whores.  SSE's reply was "Oh, but they've treated us like such this year... "  The following was his description of same:


Even before you get the clothes off, The pitching looks like the finest tits you’ve ever seen. The lack of a real DH is like the slightly larger nose that if she only had a nose job, she’d be SUPER fine. Opening day was that first night in bed… with Buehrle managing to show you that one trick you’ve not seen before, and you get REALLY excited.
But damn, within one week, you notice that those tits aren’t quite as perfect as you thought… maybe it was just a really good bra… but hey, it’s still new and exciting after a drought, so you roll with it, cause you are still getting some. You go on some dates. Some good, some bad. But you just can’t shake that feeling that something isn’t right… this probably isn’t “the one.”
At this point, you don’t really have any better options, so you keep going out. Eventually, You settle in a bit with her, cause its at least comfortable, and then arguing starts. Things get worse… you end up not even gettin’ any at the end of the night cause of (I’m tired, I’ve got a headache, my bullpen blew it.)
Around this time, Along comes this other chick that you fancy and seems to be really into you (the Hawks.) Since you never managed to get all that into the first chick, you tell her flat out “You know what?” I’m gonna see other people. She gets really pissed off at you, and goes out on self destructive drunken benders in little shitholes. This only makes her even less attractive to you, but you don’t really care, cause hey, this new chick, right?
You finally completely give up on the first chick cause things are going so well with the new girl.
Then, after the night of the most amazing sex you’ve had since 2005, the new girl crushes you when she tells you she just got this amazing opportunity to travel, and she’s leaving Friday night. She’s gonna have a going away party that morning, and you’re invited, but after that… she’s outa here.
You spend the weekend drunk.
When you are at the bar, you see her again. And her tits are looking good again, cause hey, you’re drunk.
She comes up to you, and tells you she’s been doing some thinking… she wants another chance with you… she’s changed, as a person. You take her home, cause hey, why not… and turns out she’s got some new lingerie.

Previous times when this has happened to me, it’d never ended well. And I finally learned.

So, with all that said- I’m not gonna think this is gonna go anywhere yet. I will however, enjoy getting laid.

"We can't do it easy. But we may as well do it high." -The Cheat

by South Side Expat on Jun 22, 2010 11:39 PM CDT up reply actions   5 recs

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