A Short Q&A With Ex-Sox Jack Perconte About Comiskey Park in the '80s

To mark the 100th anniversary of Comiskey Park opening up, here's some of an interview I did with '80s second baseman Jack Perconte, talking about Comiskey, and comparing it to Cleveland's Municipal Stadium. Perconte played part of the '86 season with the Sox, and grew up in Joliet:

Jack: The infield was always in good shape in Comiskey. But, like Cleveland, the area around the park didn’t seem to have a lot of excitement so it was hard to feel the usual area enthusiasm associated with other parks.

Arne: I know Comiskey was called the “baseball palace of the world”: Did you think that sort of grandiose title fit the place?

Jack: Maybe in its day it deserved that title but by the time I played there, there were many nicer palaces built.

Arne: In terms of the weather, what was the difference between Cleveland and Chicago in, say, April and September? Was Municipal Stadium windier and colder than Comiskey?

Jack: Don’t recall much difference between the two – seemed like you could get a cold, nasty night any time of year but not unlike any northern outdoor parks.

Arne: How do you compare the personality of the Cleveland fans and the White Sox fans?

Jack: Both were very similar because of the frustration of not having won very much. I was only with the White Sox when we were way out of the running in 1986 so I didn’t experience the whole “get excited for the season only to be let down again” phenomenon that usually occurred with both teams.

Arne: It sounds like the area around both Comiskey and Municipal Stadium was pretty rough in the ’80s. Was it a dicey proposition to get into and out of the parks, especially at night?

Jack: I don’t ever recall being fearful but we did not hang around long after games, especially after losing, so maybe that was why.

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