Charlotte Knights @ Indianapolis Indians

Went to my first minor league game EVA at Victory Field last night.  Few Impressions:

Nice park, seats are right on top of the field.  Nice view of skyline. Good beer available, even the vendors working the aisles offer Sun King, a fine microbrew made in Bloomington.  Major League prices, they wanted $6.50 per beer.  Hot dog was solid, a good all beef dog that hadn't been boiled gray.  And the onions at the condiment table were actually freshly chopped instead of a soggy mess - impressive!

The thing that surprised me the most is that the players are physically much smaller than major leaguers, bunch of sub-6' runts running around for both teams.  Maybe they don't get fed well enough on their meager per diems.  When they make contact it doesn't sound nearly as solid. Double plays aren't nearly as smooth.   Huge gap in the quality of play between AAA vs MLB, IMO much greater than college football vs NFL.

You'll be happy to know that Ozzieball is alive and well in Charlotte, saw four bunts in less than 6 innings.  And they all succeeded, that's petty good.

De Aza can fly, legged out a triple on a fly to right.

Torres started, which was a pleasant surprise.  Got into one jam, and couldn't K his way out of it.  Man on third no outs, and then a PB/WP, whatever, don't let that happen please.  Flowers came out to talk with him, assuming he was saying my bad.  My seats were behind 3B dugout so couldn't tell much about his stuff or Flower's agility (or lack thereof).  Flowers walked once and K'd a couple times.  

The legend Brent Morel was at 3B.  I didn't see him make any plays.  Biggest impression of him is that he's slight, he's going to have to hit the weight room if he's going to generate enough power to play a corner in the majors.

All in all in was a fun night, cheap and easy to get to.  But if I need a baseball fix I'd prefer running up to Chicago or down to Cincinnati for the real thing.

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