Is It My Imagination or...

Posted on August 6, 2010 by slantman77 <!-- .entry-meta -->

…is Hawk trying to force a few too many new "Hawkisms" down our throat? The "Tank", while aptly placed, is irritating to hear. The double "Yes!" after every home run has become redundantly redundant. One yes was plenty. "Mercy!" used to be reserved for exceptionally exciting or impactful events in a game. But none is more inanely annoying than "Don’t stop now boys!"

…is Steve Stone deserving of Hall-of Fame enshrinement simply by managing to sit next to Harry Caray and Hawk Harrelson all these years and not once physically throwing either of them out of the broadcast booth to the foul ball netting below? I’d suggest sainthood, but am not sure how the Vatican would deal with that one.

…has Juan Pierre quietly been having an exceptional fielding year? I do not recall seeing him miss a single cut-off man, throw to the wrong base or not have his head in the game. He outruns many potential hits into outs, plays within his arm strength limits and hustles each and every play. His contributions to the Sox, even when not hitting, have been more than I could have ever expected.

…or does Freddy Garcia look like he is laughing at the futility of batters trying to hit his slow, slower and slowest pitches. He reminds me of Frank Tanana…the fireballer with the Angels who turned into a post-injury, crafty, veteran hurler for the Tigers. Great game against the Tigers, Freddy. And keep laughing all the way to October.

…do I really find myself pulling for Lillibridge to stay when Teahen returns? Who is this guy? Certainly not the little elf from last year. Still think we will lose Viciedo so he can get more at bats to be better tuned to help in September.

…does Carlos Quentin swing at EVERY first pitch no matter where it is?

…is the baseball axis in Chicago tilting Southward?

…is Don Cooper the best pitching coach this side of Dave Duncan, as far as reclamation projects go? No one else has gotten production out of Contreras, Thornton, Floyd, Jackson, Loaiza, Putz, and yes, Jenks, like Coop has. Cooper also had the guts, along with Ozzie, to take Sergio Santos, a move which has reaped dividends.

…is Greg Walker still a lousy batting coach now that the Sox offense has shown consistency and the ability to extend leads or come back day after day for over two months? If a coach is not up to snuff, Ozzie does not keep him. Ask Tim Raines.

…do the Sox have the best up-the-middle-defense in the AL? Pierzynski, Ramirez, Beckham and Rios. Who is better?

…do I drink too much White Sox kool-aid when I say I think this is the most exciting White Sox team I have personally seen? Made in the image Ozzie has envisioned since he got here, he and Kenny Williams should be commended….no matter how this season ends (and I do think this is a World Series year) the way this team is playing since June is how baseball was meant to be played. Throw it and catch it. Then scrape, grind and pound the runs any way you can.

White Sox baseball….pass the torch (thanks to mick10 for that nice turn of a phrase).

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