Revival of Sox Supporters


Fellow Sox Fans,

I am coming to you today (As a new member of South Side Sox--Woohoo!) with a new idea seeking advice and opinions. I have posted this on WSI (White Sox Interactive for those who aren't members), as well as SoxTalk to get their opinions.

Recently, my friend Peter and I, after both heading to the Cork and Kerry for a few beers and a ball game, saw an old Sox Supporters picture in the bar. We both came to the realization that this was an interesting idea, and something that needed to be brought back around the South Side, but with a new twist: taking the fan passion and pageantry of soccer fans and baseball fans, and putting a new spin on it in Comiskey. The Chicago Fire Soccer Team has an unparalleled fan section called Section 8 Chicago ( for those who want to take a look!), and we were thinking about bringing some of their fan traditions (banners, flags, drums, chants) over to our side of town, and creating our own White Sox fan section within the stadium. I believe with the rich tradition and fan base that baseball has, we all could create something extremely unique,great, and most

This new group of "Sox Supporters" has garnered some interest with a few groups around the South Side, and has started to gain a little steam. It is being driven by The Brigade Farnese (a group of long time and passionate Sox fans), The Young Irish Fellowship, and White Sox Fans of Section 8. People of these groups have already started getting together to come out to the park. I presented this idea to the White Sox, and it seems as if they have taken a liking to it...

They are interested in the idea of providing an environment and resources to support a new fan section, and what's more, (assuming the safety of fans and players) they are leaving decisions up to the supporters themselves. A special ticket price and section has been set, and if people are interested let me know!
All this being said, I wanted to reach out to everyone, and see what your thoughts are in being a part of this with me, as this is something that no other MLB team has. We have gotten the OK to include banners, flags, drums for chants, and some of the guys over at Section 8 have even started to create White Sox specific chants for during the game and possibly scarves for fans that are participating (for next year). We are shooting to have a trial run on Friday, October, 1st at 7:10 against Cleveland. If there is enough interest, this could be something big (a living, breathing, fan entity) for next year, and many years to come.

So, I really want to hear everyone's thoughts, and ideas on this. If anyone wants any more details, and/or is interested in joining the soon to be newly revived Sox Supporters, shoot me an email ( ANY time, along with my friend Anthony Scalise (a member of the Brigade Farnese, who has stepped up in helping organize this and we can start to gauge interest, and get this thing cooking.

Thanks, everyone, for taking a little time to read, and I hope to hear ideas from everyone soon. Let's have a little fun...and most importantly...

Go Sox!!

Night Train Veeck


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