Snapshots from Sunday afternoon

Hey folks. As promised, some pix and random thoughts about the UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE ballgame at Fenway Sunday afternoon. Some of you have written about it already and most of you have seen it and there's also the fact that I can't be too wordy with a couple lectures to look over for the first day of class tomorrow, so here you go:


Kotsay and Teahen discussing the rumor they heard that the next Sox number retirement ceremony is for a guy named 'Mark'.


The view from our SRO "seat" at the very top of the grandstand. (innings 1-7)  I am not one of the people that so glibly call the place "a dump".




‘lil grp was lucky enough to get Danks, Bacon, Castro and the Bridge to add their sigs to the Edwin Jackson ball from last week.


I asked Ozzie why Beckham was batting ninth. (I'm pretty sure he swore at me in Spanish.)


The game took pretty long so many of the families with kids left at the end of the seventh, this enabled us to end up around 8 rows behind the White Sox on-deck circle. All of this of course happened because Josh Beckett wouldn't THROW THE FUCKING BALL!  This picture is fairly unspectacular except for the strange appearance of a Babe Ruth impersonator in the upper left corner of the pic.


Manny's at bat in the 8th had to be one of the strangest AB's I've ever witnessed in 33 years of attending major league games. This weird buzz worked its way around from the 1st base side to us on the 3rd base side.  I thought where we were featured mostly boos with only scattered applause. I wish I had the presence of mind to get a snap of the hundreds of people holding up their cellphones to get one of #99.  BTW a security guy told us that Manny spent a couple hours in the under-the-stands cage on the Friday night of "Hurricane Earl". This was snapped milliseconds before he took the pitch on the hand.


Sorry folks that's all I got because doofus here didn't pack a spare set of batteries for the camera to make it through to the 9th. Needless to say, we couldn't believe what ended up happening and with today's heroics in Comerica I think we've got more life in us than I thought at the end of last Sunday's game. C'mon e-gus bring home a winner tomorrow.

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