Right Rail Rumpus Room (OT)

And a good day to you, SSS!  

It's been a while since I contributed anything of meaning to this site, and I'm sure as hell not about to start.  Which is why I've volunteered to be Governess of the Right Rail Rumpus Room.  

I've got an acoustic guitar, the voice of a songbird, clothes made out of curtains, and bone structure that could charm a Captain right out of his cleats; notwithstanding this terrible schoolboy haircut. 

And sandwiches.  There are always sandwiches.

Allow me to kick off the off-topic discourse by saying that I finished Community Season 1 and found the final few episodes to be top notch, A+, completely unlike and superior to the beginning of the series.  The last 10 episodes are what I was expecting, what I came for, and what will tune me into Season 2.  
To whomever previously challenged me on Troy being the best:  I admit you were onto something with that.  

Inspired by the rushing disaster in Australia this week, I leave you with a video I took of Snoqualmie Falls about a month ago.   The cool kids may identify this as the go-to establishing shot in Twin Peaks; however you'll notice a stark difference in the Falls I shot, and the Falls you've seen before.  

As the stereotype goes, Western Washington is known for its rain, and this winter has been no exception with near-constant dreariness.  As I drove there on 12/12, I noticed the river was especially high after a week-straight of rain, but that did not prepare me for the mesmerizing power of Snoqualmie Falls that day.  

For reference, a typical day at the Falls:



Finally, since we are rapidly approaching the weekend, I want to add a big Go Bears!  I'll sure be bummed if I have to listen to annoying Seattleites boast about a football victory until soccer season starts back up and they are sufficiently distracted again. 

And also, I wish everyone a Happy MLK Jr Day.  
He was a good man.  And thorough.

Don't forget your manners and RRRR guidelines!

  1. Please abide by the standards as posted here.
  2. In the RRRR, there is a more relaxed standard for jokes between SSSers (as long as they don't conflict with the standards), so if you have an ultra-strict workplace, tread carefully.
  3. Please keep it generally work-safe, especially pertaining to images (no sexy ladies, no huge images, 400px maximum height).
  4. Be mindful of newcomers.

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