with a side of deceptive marketing.  Perhaps you've heard of, or seen the commercial for Wheat Thins in which a Wheat Thins fan posts a twitter comment about Wheat Thins, and receives a pallet load of Wheat Thins in her driveway.  (I guess she can use them to re-shingle her roof).  Well, Teahenny Penny mentioned liking my BACON stat in yesterday's Links column, which means I shall now drop a pallet load of White Sox BACON stats on this website.

For those (most) of you unfamiliar with BACON, it is my attempt to come up with a simple way to measure batting consistency.  The notion is that a player who goes 1 for 4 in four straight games is more helpful than a player who goes 4 for 4 in one game, and then 0 for 4 in the next 3.  Both players have a .250 batting average over that span, but one is more consistent.  So I take total batting average and divide it by batting average in games in which the player got a hit - and then give it the delicious sounding name BACON, for batting consistency.

Below are the career BACON numbers for every White Sox player since 1919 (which is as far back as Retrosheet has the day by day stats to allow me to do this), who had at least 1000 ABs with the team.

Players in italics are those for whom the data is incomplete - they started before 1919, and the number of missing seasons from their career BACON calculation is in parenthesis.
1Joe Jackson 1919-1920 (11).818398325.4
2Eddie Collins 1919-1926 (13).80714101138
3Al Simmons 1933-1935.791532420.7
4Happy Felsch 1919-1920 (4).789326257.3
5Rip Radcliff 1934-1939.785861675.5
6Zeke Bonura 1934-1937.781664518.8
7Gee Walker 1938-1939.773309238.9
8Mike Kreevich 1935-1941.771930716.9
9Carl Reynolds 1927-1931.767603462.5
10Magglio Ordonez 1997-2004.7651167892.6
11Dick Allen 1972-1974.764374285.9
12Harry Hooper 1921-1925 (10).761757576.2
13Ralph Garr 1976-1979.759529401.7
14Buck Weaver 1919-1920 (7).755380287
15Taffy Wright 1940-1948.754834628.6
16Minnie Minoso 1951-1976.75415251149.5
17Alex Metzler 1927-1930.750484362.9
18Luke Appling 1930-1950.74927492059.3
19Eddie Robinson 1950-1952.748472352.9
20Evar Swanson 1932-1934.747307229.4
21Lance Johnson 1988-1995.7461018759.4
22Nellie Fox 1950-1963.74624751845.9
23Frank Thomas 1990-2005.74621361592.8
24Earl Sheely 1921-1927.7461051783.7
25Scott Podsednik 2005-2009.744499371
26Mike Caruso 1998-1999.743292217.1
27Albert Belle 1997-1998.741374277.1
28Dave Martinez 1995-1997.739377278.7
29Johnny Mostil 1921-1929 (1).7391045772.3
30Bibb Falk 1920-1928.7391219900.6
31Dave Gallagher 1988-1990.733286209.7
32Bill Barrett 1923-1929.732581425.6
33Chet Lemon 1975-1981.729804586.2
34Carlos Lee 1999-2004.728957697
35Wally Moses 1942-1946.727667484.7
36Tadahito Iguchi 2005-2007.726380276.1
37Tony Bernazard 1981-1983.723305220.6
38Mule Haas 1933-1937.723496358.4
39Jorge Orta 1972-1979.7211002722.9
40Ray Durham 1995-2002.7201246897.7
41Lamar Johnson 1974-1981.720671483.4
42Ivan Calderon 1986-1993.720572411.9
43Alexei Ramirez 2008-2010.720454326.9
44Jermaine Dye 2005-2009.720742534.1
45Ernie Johnson 1921-1923 (5).719344247.5
46Jackie Hayes 1932-1940.718820588.9
47Johnny Watwood 1929-1932.718333239
48Harold Baines 1980-2001.71717731270.7
49Dave Philley 1941-1957.716755540.4
50Guy Curtright 1943-1946.714294209.8
51Jimmie Dykes 1933-1939 (1).713551393
52Al Smith 1958-1962.712699497.9
53A.J. Pierzynski 2005-2010.712821584.7
54Bill Cissell 1928-1932.712541385.2
55Aaron Rowand 2001-2005.712466331.6
56Tim Raines 1991-1995.711697495.6
57Bill Hunnefield 1926-1930.710376267.1
58Don Kolloway 1940-1949.710708502.6
59Bud Clancy 1924-1930.709432306.5
60Chris Singleton 1999-2001.709396280.8
61Carlos May 1968-1976.7091000708.8
62John Kerr 1929-1931.709304215.4
63Luis Aparicio 1956-1970.70815761116.3
64Floyd Robinson 1960-1966.705875617
65Paul Konerko 1999-2010.70418131277.1
66Pat Kelly 1971-1976.702648454.8
67Tom Paciorek 1982-1985.699371259.2
68Rudy Law 1982-1985.697472328.8
69Alan Bannister 1976-1980.695383266.4
70Ralph Hodgin 1943-1948.695471327.2
71Ken Henderson 1973-1975.693373258.4
72Willie Kamm 1923-1931.6921136786.1
73Mike Hershberger 1961-1971.691412284.8
74Joe Kuhel 1938-1947.689874602.6
75Bill Skowron 1964-1966.689317218.6
76Robin Ventura 1989-1998.6871244854.5
77Chico Carrasquel 1950-1955.687830569.9
78Joey Cora 1991-1994.683326222.8
79Bill Melton 1968-1975.682901614.2
80Bucky Dent 1973-1976.681462314.6
81Carlton Fisk 1981-1993.6791259855
82Walt Williams 1967-1972.678481326.1
83Don Buford 1963-1967.678571386.9
84Wayne Nordhagen 1976-1981.677344233
85Ozzie Guillen 1985-1997.67516081085.6
86Jose Valentin 2000-2004.674602405.8
87Jim Morrison 1979-1982.673342230.2
88Steve Lyons 1986-1990.672351236
89Thurman Tucker 1942-1947.672441296.4
90Greg Walker 1982-1990.670741496.2
91Luke Sewell 1935-1938.670389260.5
92Pete Ward 1963-1969.668753503.4
93Greg Luzinski 1981-1984.668496331.5
94Eric Soderholm 1977-1979.667300200.2
95Cass Michaels 1943-1954.666705469.7
96Duane Josephson 1965-1970.666291193.8
97Tommie Agee 1965-1967.664299198.7
98Bubba Phillips 1956-1959.662304201.3
99Jim Rivera 1952-1960.658810532.9
100Sherm Lollar 1952-1963.6561122736.2
101Vance Law 1982-1984.655321210.1
102Jim Thome 2006-2009.653469306.3
103Walt Dropo 1955-1958.649290188.3
104Ken Berry 1962-1970.649679440.7
105Roy Schalk 1944-1945.648256165.9
106Jim Landis 1957-1964.647892577
107Joe Crede 2000-2008.646712459.7
108Bob Kennedy 1939-1956.644615395.9
109George Bell 1992-1993.641249159.7
110Juan Uribe 2004-2008.640572366.3
111Carlos Quentin 2008-2010.640331211.9
112Larry Rosenthal 1936-1941.638330210.7
113Buck Crouse 1923-1930.637342218
114Ray Schalk 1919-1928 (7).637749477
115Harvey McClellan 1919-1924.633256162.2
116Mike Squires 1975-1984.630411259.1
117Scott Fletcher 1983-1991.629490308.2
118Tim Hulett 1983-1987.625279174.4
119Mike Tresh 1938-1948.625780487.4
120Skeeter Webb 1940-1944.619269166.4
121Greg Pryor 1978-1981.618287177.3
122Tommy McCraw 1963-1970.617675416.6
123Ron Kittle 1982-1991.615517318.1
124Floyd Baker 1945-1951.615423260
125Daryl Boston 1984-1989.610323197.1
126Brian Downing 1973-1977.607309187.5
127Ron Hansen 1963-1969.605594359.6
128Dan Pasqua 1988-1994.594451268.1
129Buddy Bradford 1966-1976.594283168.1
130Ed Herrmann 1967-1974.593484286.9
131Craig Grebeck 1990-1995.589273160.8
132Jerry Hairston 1973-1989.575428246.1
133Julio Cruz 1983-1986.568267151.6
134Ron Karkovice 1986-1997.562574322.7
135J.C. Martin 1959-1967.553338186.9
136Ted Lyons 1923-1946.545363198
The post-1919 single season BACON record for the White Sox (500 AB minimum) is held by Frank Thomas, who posted an .867 BACON in 1996. That broke Happy Felsh's 76 year old record of .853, recorded in 1920. And by recorded, I mean retroactively made up last month when I did the math. Disclaimer: Most of the information used here was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by Retrosheet, although the chance remains that I somehow screwed it up between their site and here. I claim no copyright on my mistakes. Interested parties may contact Retrosheet at "".

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