Right Rail Rumpus Roast Room (OT)

I'm sure most of us have cleared our schedules for Ozzie's Celebrity Roast this upcoming Friday, because there is a guy in need of a firm and extravagant ego-stroking.  

Tune in later this week(end) because South Side Sox will be covering the event in penetrating depth, as our beloved Rhubarb goes undercover as a gay champagne waiter over-serving the Guillen family table. 
I don't know why he needs to be a gay champagne waiter either, but Rhubarb simply insisted.  

Oh heyyy girrrl!

This Roast thing got me to thinking about - well - juicy delicious meats in my mouth-hole of course.  

I'm cooking my bestest westest friend a big ol' fancy steak 'n' taters dinner for her birthday tomorrow, and my preferred method of cooking a steak to bloody perfection, is to broil it.  This must be executed properly so the oven does not over-heat and cook your steak too much (unless you're into that sort of thing).

I know there are some clever culinary creators among us, if not a bunch of gluttonous bahstahds who know a thing or two about eating.  My rhyming inquiry for the Rumpus Room today, is 
How do you make or take your steak? 

Who has their finger on a good rub?  What's your favorite red meat marinade?  Do you insist on firing up the grill every time a steak is in need of consuming, or do you mix up your cooking methods?   

Come!  Let us drool all over the floor of the Rumpus Room. 

Feel free to let the off-topic juices flow here, but keep it within SSS standards, please!


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