Sneak Peek: Chicago Sports Depot

Chicago Sports Depot mural on the east wall over the hat display (photo: mrs. e-gus)

The Chicago Sports Depot opens to the public at 10am today. Season ticket holders and the White Sox volunteer corps had a chance to check it out Friday night. The wife and I went down there to do a little Christmas shopping and enjoy the free appetizers and open bar for a couple hours. Two days in a row at the Cell in November? Sure why not.


Go check it out yourself if only to get a glimpse of the '05 trophy and the murals on the wall. Plenty of Bears, Hawks, Bulls stuff was available and even one pathetic little Cubs kiosk. We got out of there with a new winter hat for the Mrs., some sox cookie cutters and a couple presents for the fam. I regret not getting the reebok Sox hockey jersey and the cast iron sox logos for branding your hamburgers and hot dogs.

We walked in right behind #42 Ron Kittle. For those of you who aren't aware, Reverend Ron presided over my wedding at the Cell in 2007 so we got reacquainted. Bob Love was there representing the Bulls as well.


You could win this Harley with a sweet 2005 World Series paint job as well as a shopping spree just before Christmas just for walking in the door.


White Sox hot dog, pizza and ice cream cone plush toys were a personal highlight.


The 2005 trophy is on display under the stairs.


This homage to the 2005 team and its captain is on the wall as you head up to the 2nd floor.


This autographed and framed photo of Buehrle from his perfect game is what you should get me for X-mas.


I'd also accept this game used base, yours for a mere $1000.


Done browsing we went over to the Bacardi lounge when suddenly...


Tommy Hawk needed to feed.

So did I so and the appetizers did not disappoint. Spicy lobster and cheese wrapped in prosciutto (I think), some chicken skewers (fried and grilled), tomato and mozzarella skewers with some vinaigrette, crab cakes, little steak sandwich sliders. Mmm Good eats...


and three hours of open bar? Well that right there is a party.


A jump start on some Christmas shopping at the Cell, not a bad way to spend a Friday night.


all images via taken by either mr. or mrs. e-gus.

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