Let's Make a Deal: Carlos Quentin

Same thing, different player.

San Francisco Giants (via Grant Brisbee)

He's a free agent after the season, so that would definitely leave out Gary Brown. I'm thinking Heath Hembree and Andres Torres, the latter of whom they're probably just going to non-tender for some inexplicable reason. It's not a huge offer, but I think the Giants are understandably burned on top prospects for rentals.

Cincinnati Reds (via KCGARD2)

Trade ideas involving Quentin have been getting some play in Reds circles, and opinions are pretty mixed. He seems like a pretty clear upgrade to what the Reds have run out in LF the last two or three years (mainly because Jonny Gomes is easy to upgrade), but he's no All-Star with his injury risk and all value not related to hitting being negative value. Offer: Dave Sappelt + B/C pitching prospect (such as Justin Freeman for example). Sappelt is a good defensive OF who could vie for the CF job and push De Aza or replace Juan Pierre in LF/leadoff; be insurance for Viciedo. If it seems underwhelming you have to keep in mind it's one year of Quentin for ~$8 million(?), and that's a lot of team control on the White Sox' end.

Boston Red Sox (via Matt Sullivan)

Quentin makes some sense for Boston, but I would only really see that trade happen if a White Sox pitcher was involved in the deal. For Quentin alone, I would suspect the package would start with either Josh Reddick or Ryan Kalish, both CF/RF's with plus defensive ability. Reddick had a decent year at the plate as a rookie last season and projects to have plus power. The knock on Reddick has always been his plate discipline. He makes up for being a free swinger with good plate coverage and contact ability but he is prone to K's and won't walk much. Kalish caught some eyes in a brief stint in 2010 but was injured most of the 11 season. He has less power potential than Reddick but a better eye. Francona compared him with Trot Nixon which may be a fair comp long term.

Beyond that Jose Iglesias could be on the table. He is a superb fielding SS already, but has struggle to hit in the minors and even the best case scenario has him being a slap singles type. his glove is clearly going to be elite, though and he won't need to be A-Rod at the plate to be a valuable player at short.

Beyond that, it is hard to imagine who a third player might be. The Sox aren't likely to part with an MLB ready pitcher like Felix Doubront for a RF when they can just go with Reddick or Kalish or sign a free agent. Michael Bowden, a right-hander on the fringe between starting and relieving could be moved, but he isn't exactly going to turn any heads. Top prospects like 3B Will Middlebrooks, SP Anthony Ranaudo SS Xander Boergets (sp?) and (OF) Brandon Jacobs are going to be involved in a deal that doesn't net a pitcher. Boston has a deep system, but few other players are close to the majors and it would be hard to find players who could manage to help Chicago in 2012 in our farm system.

**Added 11/30/2011 4:00PM EST**

Colorado Rockies (via Andrew Fisher)

Three things need to be considered in this match. 1) With the trade of Ubaldo Jimenez, the Rockies have a frighteningly young unproven rotation, and 2012 isn't viewed as a legitimate contending year, even with an additional wild card. That means acquiring a one-year outfielder is unlikely, especially at the $7+mil he will get in arbitration. 2) The Rockies have a glut of MLB-level outfielders in Fowler, CarGo, Smith, Blackmon and Wheeler. None hit RH. So Quentin is a nice fit to provide a RH bat, but one of those OF would probably need to go, in a deal for Quentin or otherwise. 3) O'Dowd doesn't deal top 10 prospects. Ever. In his dozen years as Rockies' GM, the best prospect he's traded might be Chone Figgins (who wasn't as highly regarded then), or maybe Chris Balcom-Miller. Wheeler/Blackmon are both top 10 prospects, and Smith would be an overpay for one year of Quentin. Wheeler/Blackmon might be dealt for someone, but it wouldn't be for an ill-advised rental. So I am quite doubtful O'Dowd would even consider Quentin. The only way I see it happening is if Smith, Blackmon or Wheeler are dealt for a better player (Prado perhaps), then Quentin is acquired for a prospect outside the system's top 15. (See PuRPs list at Purple Row). That might not seem like a good return, but despite being a RH OF with power, Quentin doesn't seem like the kind of player O'Dowd would pursue, especially with his defense and salary.

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