Right Rail Rumpus Corner

Does "corner" disrupt your alliterate sensibilities?  It does mine a little.  
But this is my corner, and if you ain't rolling, you can step off it, son!

Very long time coming and a lot of threads, articles and conversations ignored on my part, in preparation for this life-changing event:  Watching The Wire.  The Greatest TV Show There Ever Was has had plenty of devoted discussions here on SSS, and I've avoided all of them up until this here one that I'm instigating.   

I have one honest question for you fools:  Who needs a "social life" and "hobbies" or "sleep" when there's The Wire?
Answer:  Not this gal!

I haven't gone back to all the previous Wire threads on SSS because I am just starting Season 5 as of last night and I don't want to come across spoilers.  However, I think there is plenty to be said about Seasons 1-4, and I am itching to talk about it with fellow enthusiasts.  I'll start the Rumpus with some topics running through my head.  

~ Favorite characters ~
For a show that has no less than a million moving parts and story lines at any given time, let alone across multiple seasons, I'm sure there are a variety of answers to who is your favorite character?  
Most of us probably have a few beyond the obvious heroics of one impressively badass and candid Omar.

A very fresh disagreement regarding Tommy Carcetti has me a-wondering... how do you all feel about him?

I think he's been exceptionally-acted and a fascinating character from his very first scene in Season Three.  Despite his overt set-up as devious prick, I've always had a strange fondness for him.   Even before it was apparent that he was almost less conniving as he was idealistic and somewhat naive.  

Then again, I personally think Stringer Bell was fantastic, all loyalties aside.  
His execution scene and the lead-up to it made me giddy as all get out (as in, actually giggling as he frantically searched for an exit and Omar slowly followed him), but I was disappointed to lose his character at the same time.  As far as 'bad guys' go, there is only one other that I fancy as much as String, for his smooth-talking and business savvy:  Prop Joe.  

~ Favorite season ~

As I already said, I'm just starting Season Five, so I'd appreciate if info from that season be left out of the discussion for a couple days; and from what I've gathered, 5 isn't anybody's favorite anyway. 

Aside from the relative lack of McNulty and obvious departure from the usual and intriguing Barksdale happenings (read: No Stringer), I really dug on Season Four.  It's difficult to pinpoint a true favorite after only one viewing through the seasons so far (with intentions to go straight back to Season One in a couple days once I'm through the series), but the rise of Marlo and his nail-gun henchmen Chris and Snoop, Carcetti playing big time politics, Bubbles' heart-breaking attempts at guardian and his bullied Depot, the presence of the schools and Cutty's gym, "Mr. Prezbo" and the grooming of children in the game - from the terrifying Michael, to the misplaced Randy, to Wee Bey's retaliating boy Namond and his heinous bitch of a mother... it was a harrowing and captivating season and I found the dialogue to be a cut above. 

Season One and Three are their own masterpieces.  
There was something so satisfying about Stringer's final days and the confrontation between he and Avon, when String confessed that D'Angelo was murdered.  Whatta scene!  The transition of their relationship from brothers and partners, to disagreeing players after Avon is released from jail, is a ticking time bomb the whole way.  You only wonder who is going to get to the other first.  
Poetically, Omar delivers the news to Stringer upon his execution, but not before Stringer was able to rat out the safe house to Colvin the night before; news that hits Avon's eyes as he faces a much longer jail sentence.!

Wallace's fate is a disturbing dose of the game gone real wrong.  And Kima's shooting absolutely ripped out my heart given the way they set up the scene.  Such fine screen-writing.  I was also impressed with how the characters were introduced in Season One in such a way to create the Barksdale crew as a sort of collective protagonist, with D'Angelo at the head of the towers.  

When Omar makes his first appearance at the beginning of Season One and terrorizes the tower boys, I found myself temporarily siding with the Barksdale people because of this inclination to want characters to root for or align with, regardless of understanding them intricately at the time.  
Needless to say, it doesn't take long for the audience to strip themselves of preconceived alliances once Brandon is tortured and killed and Omar emerges as the most rational-minded and reasonable player in the game; the only one who seems to truly be operating by a code that is almost admirable.  

Season Two was fascinating in its own way, and that is the season I most look forward to re-watching having a greater understanding of the players and themes.  I appreciate the setting, as I sit overlooking shipping docks at work every day, watching containers being unloaded from ships and put onto trucks.  Makes me wonder how many bodies are floating around in some of those CHINA SHIPPING containers.  As much as I enjoyed the character Nick Sobotka, I'm pleased that Season Two mostly leaves its characters behind (integral "Greeks" aside).  I didn't care to keep watching scenes with Ziggy, for example.  Kid should've been shot a long time ago.

Alright, if I don't cut myself off, I'll get a reputation around here for being verbose or something!

Join me in the comments!  Who has a favorite scene, season, character, story line pinpointed?  What about most despicable character?

Which is your favorite version of the theme song?  What do you consider the most tragic of deaths (among the first four seasons, please!)?

Do you get sad and/or disappointed during the drunken scenes with Bunk/McNulty/Greggs?  I don't know why some of these moments break my heart just as much as Randy getting beat on, or Cutty going back to the game.

Was that El Caballo popping out at the Orioles game?!

If you don't Wire or if you do, please use the RRRRC for what it is - off-topic anything goes.  We certainly don't have to stay on the presented topic.

And of course, SSS standards are part of the game, yo.   

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