RRRR & 2011 Meet-up discourse found here

Heads-up, SSS Meth-up 2011 attendees!  

The game we voted upon for 5/21 is a 1:05 PM start.  
This would slightly eff up our plans for softball, but I am more than okay with an afternoon game and having the evening for post-game partying.  Especially if it meant that anyone who wanted to come, could make it to town.

So, I'll hold a poll because that's what we fuckin do around here, to decide once and for all whether to stick with Saturday afternoon on 5/21, or switch to Friday night on 5/20.  Only vote if you're committed, or plan to commit right now.  

Below is the current list of committed and tentatives, as interpreted from the first thread.  
If you're a question mark, try to make a decision and get back to me in the next couple weeks, please.   
If you didn't show interest the first time I asked, but you'd like to go, say so in the comments.  
If you showed interest in obscure ways that whooshed me and I didn't list you, say so in the comments.

x1. hsa
x2. GIT
x3. BuehrleMan
4. colintj
x5. U-god
x6. Cheat
x7. SSE
8. e-gus
9. Mrs e-gus
x10. Kenwo
x11. Rhubarb
x12. pr
13. oahu420
x14. Tdogg
x15. winningugly
16. LT_Sox
x17. Margalus
x18. gar ridge pride
19. Hazymania
20. Mrs Hazy
21. El Diablo
22. Mrs El D
23. TAEG
x24. larry
25. Dr Emilio Lizardo
x26. Trooper
x28. Mrs FAQ
29. 2ndHalfAdjustments
x30. HappyHuman
31. Jack M
32. Daniel Berlyn
x33. Scotty Ballgame
34. boyonthedock
35. 815Sox
x35. Mitch.
36. Teahenny Penny
x37. craigws
x38. Kenwo's brother
39. Mrs Doc Emilio
40. thatshortkid
x41. Tdogg chef friend
x42. craigplusone

x43. Mrs BM


1. oneloyaldawg
2. 815 Sox

I'll have our section confirmed this week, so I can update with how much money to send me through Paypal in the next RRRR.  Should be around $45 - both Fri & Sat are "Prime" games for some reason.   Maybe they expect lots of fireworks when we have our way with the NL again.  Because that's what a real AL manager should be concerned with and build rosters around oh my god I'm never going to forgive them for that am I, nope, no don't think I am....ever

Look! A pretty picture then a poll.  It don't get much funner than that.   Ln1_medium 

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