I Like the White Sox: Happiness

So since the White Sox are done with their road trip and their home opener is today, I decided to do my magnificent seven (or crappy however you would like to put it) about the pale hose today to recap the last few days.  And we will use numbers because this will be posted at one my favorite sites, South Side Sox.

1-I don't know about you but 24 innings let alone two days may be too much fun for anyone to have in Kansas City.  WTF do they have down there anyway?  Nothing that's what.  Maybe some watering hole that George Brett frequents showing all his Tops sticker books he used to pimp out back in the days when he was chasing pitchers from the dugouts.  I hear Kaufman is nice.  I always liked the waterfalls, but the Royals are pains in the ass.  I am very happy about the result of the game yesterday.

2-Donkey wants in really badly.  I don't know about you but I feel like this is the Jake Peavy DH now.  Dude relax!!!!  Yes we are excited that you are on the team.  We love the fact you want to go out there and kick ass.  But we don't need you getting some freaky injury like Jakey did, so get yourself a lude and relax dude.  Like Adam Dunn was, I am very happy about the result of the game yesterday.

3-Is it just me, or has Q become a force to be reckoned with again?  Holy shit man.  He is putting up 2008 numbers.  Sure it's early, but 11 hits out of 22 plate appearances.  Only striking out once.  10 RBIS, 5 of those hits doubles.  Q is going out giving pictures reasons to want to hit him again.  Q was a big reason why I can be happy about the result of the game yesterday.

4-Does streets and sanitation make a stop by 35th and Shields today?  If so, please bring your happy asses in the park, go directly into the clubhouse, find the locker that says 23, clean it out, put every thing in a Glad bag, find the guy who owns it, carry him out kicking and screaming and proceed to throw him and the bag into your big blue truck.  It was mentioned that this "man" was garbage, and I agree and say he should be treated as such.  But hey man, fuck him, I really was happy about the result of the game yesterday.

5-The bullpen has me a little nervous.  But wasn't it cool to see Chris Sale make up for the little things that happened on Tuesday night?  Sure Matty gave up a run, but he shut the door on the threat.  I just think that the same truck that gets little Marky Teahen, should come back for Ohman as well.  He wasn't terrible yesterday.  One walk and hit and no earned runs.  However the recipe for disaster is already there.  He is like that piece on the buffet table that completely sucks, and even though one day you went in there and it looked better and you felt like trying it, you know its shitty food and you should avoid it at all costs.  What kind of food is that?  Discuss amongst yourselves, while I will continue feeling happy about the result of the game yesterday.

6-So the Sox go 3-2 for their first road trip.  I was very disappointed how the first game vs. the Royals went, and loved how the pen let the game Sunday completely get away from them.  And look our old friend OC hit a home run off of Danks.  Yeah, I'm sure that clown will be writing SSS like he does every once in a while, and please everyone tell the so-called general his team will not be making the playoffs this year.  But despite all that, you have to be happy about how things went.  We're 3-2 against the division, and we beat two teams that gave us fits last year.  I don't know about you, but I'm happy with that, but not as happy as I am about the result of the game yesterday.

7-And finally you have to love a team who is down 5-0 for virtually most of the game, but claws and scratches to get back into it, especially against a guy like Soria who is lights out.  In fact I turned off the game, went in the store to get a garbage can (no not for Teahen), and came out and was thrilled the game was still on.  It was the bottom of the 9th after the tying run scored.  This ladies and gentlemen is the White Sox team we love.  The ones who don't give up.  The ones with great pitching.  The ones who got people like Q kicking ass.  Nice to see Rios comes to the party in KC.  Yeah, I know he must have fallen asleep in Cleveland.  Lord knows I don't like to stay awake in that city either.  Gordon Beckham has been super so far, and you have to love this Morel kid.  After all, it was hit that put us in the lead for that game I was happy about the result yesterday.

Final thought:  The Sox  are coming home to a 3-2 start.  Not too shabby.  I can't believe the Rays are who they are this year.  I feel like they have reverted to the old Devil Rays you know when Boggs, Conseco; all those guys would go to Tampa to call it quits.  With Manny and Damon on the team it brings that feeling to mind, but can't ever underestimate any opponent.  Just go out there and beat their ass.  Happy thoughts to all of you as business is about to pick up.  GO WHITE SOX!!!!

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