I Like the White Sox: I Want A Shot

Chuck Woolery always said "back in two and two" when they went to breaks at Love Connection.  Well if you're a Sox fan you're saying "we're back in five and five."  And after the tough road trip that our boys wearing black just went through, five and five is pretty fricking good.  Although they could have taken 2 extra in Toronto, just remember to tell yourself, it's Toronto.  Bad things happen there for the White Sox

Anyway as we count down the days until we get to beat some National League ass (they are the shot I refer to in the title) I thought I would put together a little list of the seven National League teams that invoke some kind of feeling from me.  So feel free to comment on some of the teams that make you happy or sad, or ecstatic or mad, or indifferent or glad.  I feel like I can do a commercial about this crap.

1-St Louis Cardinals-I love a team that has fans who rip on the Cubs worse than we do.  In fact, you have to admire the St Louis Cardinals for many reasons.  One, they have two premiere superstars on the same team with Pujols and Holiday.  Two, their pitching staff (when healthy) is unbelievable.  Three, I can't think of a team who won the World Series with less wins than them, and they beat the Tigers on top of it all.  And always remember, Mr. Buehrle may finish his career there, so it's always nice to have a backup team in the NL to cheer for.

2-Cincinatti Reds-Doesn't their mascot scream out big time d-bag?  I don't know what it is about the Reds I don't like.  Perhaps Pete Rose was on the team for so long, and I have never been a fan of his.  Could it be because they won the 1919 World Series because our players had an arrangement with the mob?  Maybe because their logo is unoriginal because they stole it from the Bears.  Then again, why should I care?  I'm not a Bears fan.  OK I know.  It's because they're in Ohio, and if anyone can tell me anything good about Ohio besides Cedar Point and the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, I will give you a prize.  I have to agree though.

3-Philidelphia Phillies-So their fans are a bunch of morons that want to kill Santa or something like that, but you have to marvel at this team.  I can't think of the last time I saw a pitching rotation like that, but what makes me smile even more is how Cliff Lee turned down the Yankees to join them.

4-Houston Astros-I don't know about you, but that poor excuse of a ball park means the Astros should automatically get beaned by Tomatoes.  Who the hell puts a hill in the middle of center field and some silly ass train in a ballpark?  And isn't the pitcher related to A-Rod.  Can't trust him.

5-Los Angeles Dodgers-I can't believe how high ticket prices are in Glendale because of this team.  First, you move to LA from Brooklyn.  So you made everyone in New York pissed.  Then your fans beat up people, so people in LA are pissed, and you raise ticket prices at a Spring Training facility, so Chicago gets pissed.  How can one team piss off the top three major markets?

6-Florida Marlins-Anyone who knows me knows I root for two teams out of south Florida, and when it comes to the NL, I can't think of any team I like better.  And if you're a Sox fan, you should feel the same way.  Every time the Cubs try to take their talents to south beach, the Marlins remind them they don't really have any.  NLCS 2003, an event so wonderful in Chicago sports history that ranks way behind the World Series win by the White Sox, but just is fun to watch every time.  The Marlins have won two World Series in the short time they have been in existence and somehow they always find ways to have competitive teams with small payrolls.  You have to admire that.

7-Chicago Cubs-I think this goes without saying but seriously screw the Cubs.  Especially with all their nonsensical fans who apparently forgot that the Sox won their World Series a few years ago, unlike them who were a century ago.  They are the sheep that are hypnotized by the ivy, and the prehistoric scoreboard.  I guess it's kind of cool they're not going to games, but now their ridiculous owner is trying to get public money to fix the park.  Let me tell you something Tommy boy, if I want to rehab a toilet, I will start with my own.  Just tear the place down, and send the Cubs to Iowa where they belong.  I can't even begin to think of more reasons why I hate this team.  I'm sure I will write about them for cross town weekend.

There are more, but these were the ones that came to mind.  If you have any, please state your reasons below.  Thanks for reading. 

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