I Like the White Sox: Cut Cub Fans Some Slack

So a wise man who many like me feel is not wise and should have been bounced off the Apprentice like weeks 1-5 Meatloaf said "two out of three ain't bad." 

And I guess that holds true with the fuzzy loving festivities known as the Crosstown Classic, Cup, Windy City Series, whatever; its Sox vs Cubs damn it.  The Cubs threatened 2 nights in a row to win; but Sergio Santos denied them the opportunity along with some other great bullpen performances.

Yeah, I know.  We all find many reasons to hate the Cubs and the parasites that follow them that they call fans, but today I am going to do something different.  I am going to list seven reasons why the hate isn't worth it anymore.  Why the Cub bashing is getting old?

1-You look at their fans, and quite honestly they are all like puppy dogs waiting for a new owner to come and adopt them and save them from the boredom of Save-A-Pet.  The problem is that dog is the one no one wants.  However, that faithful puppy believes day in and out that someone is going to bring them home.

2-Their park is a dump.  Peter Gammons said so himself.  The ivy is rotting, the roof is falling down, and the statues are getting vandalized.  The Cub fans are like sitting in a toilet where they never can relieve themselves, but are stuck on it, while everyone else has no problems with regularity. 

3-Every player that comes to play for the Cubs eventually leaves if they're any good, and stays if they suck.  Chances are they're guaranteed a no trade as well especially if they walk through the door reeking of greatness which ends up being fake.  So if they're good and start to suck, you're stuck with them.

4-They haven't won a playoff game in almost 10 years.  Most Cub fans wonder if it's even worth it to watch them in the playoffs anymore.

5-Did you know that 40% of Cubbie kingdom didn't even know that the Sox would be their opponent the last three days?  Sure they got all hyper when they won that one game, but the Sox took care of that one pretty quick eh?

6-Ron Santo died not seeing the Cubs ever win a world series, and many Cub fans fear they will suffer that same fate so no need to care about them anymore, so no one goes to shit hole .  This is a token argument the typical Cub fan uses when arguing with a Sox fan about who's a better team.  The good old attendance card.  Apparently someone burned that one this year huh guys?

7-People who cry at their team losing baseball games really have issues.  There is no crying in baseball.

Yes I know this whole article was to talk about why we shouldn't bash Cub fans anymore due to the fact they're pathetic and all, but ended up bashing them anyway.  What can I say, next to Sox baseball, making fun of the Cubs and their fans is a great past time.  Sorry.  Go Sox!!!!!

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