I Like the White Sox: Concerned

So I have to talk about the White Sox again.  Not that this is a bad thing, as I enjoy talking about the White Sox.  However, I believe that things are a bit hairy right now and I have seven concerns.  Perhaps, you guys can help address them.

1-First off, Larry.  Nice job on how you handled Daily Herald report Scot Gregor.  He tried to, as all reporters do, pass you off as a kid in mom's basement writing about baseball, and I believe you held your own and told him what time it was.  Very good.  On a side note, I would like to say that I have been a member of South Side Sox now for quite a while (and have been keeping up with Sox Machine forever), and some of the things said by the members here make me proud to be here.  Although I write quite weird and crazy stuff and try to contribute in my own special way, I think you guys rule.  You guys make great arguments, remarks, statements and posts that help me understand baseball better, and you guys are funny as hell (even when I get ripped on).  However, I wanted to get to the point.  I like Larry's theory, but quite frankly the whole he said, she said bullshit between Ozzie and Kenny is getting old.  If you both believe he's ready, and in one ear I hear Kenny saying "if the manager isn't ready for him, I have too much respect to bring him up now" and in the other Ozzie says "just tell me who to send down and when to play him and I will."  You know I feel like a tweet from Oney is on the horizon here for some reason.  I, as a fan am getting tired of the passive aggressive bullshit between two grown men.  And if I am getting tired of it, I can assure you some people in the clubhouse are as well.  Does this have anything to do with some people struggling?  I don't know.  However, if you pull the veil off, I really do believe they could be posturing for the July date.  If Gregor can remember anything, wouldn't he remember how much of a ball buster Scott Boras is if given the opportunity?

2-OK.  I am getting tired of all the excuses people are giving Adam Dunn.  Yes I have heard he played in the National Leauge his whole career, he has never been on a competing team, he was lazy over the winter, he's not used to being a DH, etc, etc.  Let's talk about that for a moment shall we.  About the National Leauge, I can think of a couple of guys who went from National to American and have bat under 200 like Dunn.  Both Miguel Cabrera and Adrian Gonzalez (who are far superior to Dunn) came into the AL, and their performance hasn't dropped.  They have stayed pretty consistent with numbers they were putting up in the NL.  And Gonzalez is in the toughest division in the AL mind you.  Cabrera has actually improved his numbers as he goes.  Dunn was brought to the Sox for his high number of HRs and walks.  He is on pace to finish the year with 20 home runs if lucky.  That is less than half.  When he has a glove, he definitely can't play OF, but he always could hit.  I just want to see the guy produce.  I am sick of excuses.    

3-I keep hearing "the Ranger" on the Score talk about why we shouldn't get rid of Juan Pierre and his money.  Juan Pierre this year has done nothing and the money itself has gotten pissed away already.  Ozzie seems to want to defend him all the time and talk about how there are guys who have done worse.  Be that as it may, but Juan Pierre is owed $8.5 million for this year, being his last.  Dunn and Rios (who are doing worse than him) are owed a lot more than that over many more years.  Pierre anyone can agree is the easiest person to cut ties with to bring Viciedo up.

4-Alex Rios, you are my daughter's favorite because she is 3.  If she were 10 years older, she would yell at me that you were still on the team.  Every time I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, you give me reasons to not.  Give Ozzie two points for benching you.  And we're stuck with this frickin shit for 3 more years is it?  Well gee, rape me gently with a chainsaw.

5-Johnny Danks, you are the man and you're going to the DL.  Life really sucks.  This means Jake Peavy must go to bulldog form instead of pit bull form.  We can only hope Johnny gets better, and Jake doesn't injure himself drinking a cup of Gatorade or throwing a pitch, or whatever.

6-Another question for you guys, is AJ Perzynski going nutty?  Calls out Floyd, speaks to Peavy in the he getting tired of all the drama that our wonderful Chicago media speaks of.

7-And finally, how do you rate this team compared to the last 2 years?  I see way too many similarities and its getting old.

Final thought: I feel like as a fan, I am confused and frusturated.  Sure the Sox are only 5 games back or so, and 4 games under, so all hope shouldn't be loss.  But you keep hearing about all the drama listed above, and it only puts gas on the fire.

Quote of the day: "To suggest the White Sox would purposely keep Viciedo in the minors due to a contract issue immediately tells me you don't know how this team does business.
The Sox aren't the Pirates or the Marlins or the Royals."-Scot Gregor.

Yeah well Scot ever think about covering those teams?  Might suit your shitty attitude better pal.

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