RRRR: Mouth-hole maintenance

I recently found out the hard way that it's generally a poor practice to fall asleep at night eating Dots and Nerds and Twizzlers and Hi-Chews and candy cigarettes and Smarties and gummy peaches and sour worms, to name a few of my favorite bedtime snacks of the past few years.  Friends have observed that I consume more refined sugar than most people they've ever known.  But as an alien, I'm puh-retty sure my body thrives on those empty carbs. 

I hit up the dentist in May, for the first time since living in Washington.  Having a perfect track record of pearly whites and regular check-ups in Chicago, I at least assumed there would be some damage after such an elapse of time, and given my aforementioned late-night snackery.  Turns out, assuming did not make an ass of me in this case.  I've got tooth decay left and right, up and down.  And a whole lot of drilling ahead of me that commenced yesterday afternoon with five teeth on my left side.

My new dentist in WA is a goddess.  She's a middle-aged hippie-dippie type whose office is not only a comfortably sterile environment for teeth-drilling, but also a gallery for local art.  Of course, Seattle!  Of course.  
She gave me sunglasses and some relaxing island music, and I was just exhausted enough from the night before, to fall asleep in the chair in the two hours she spent drilling my teeth.  

Has anyone else ever slept through two sets of hands in their mouth and a drill, among other pokey-proddy-pressure-inducing devices?  And without any form of sedative or painkiller?   I was pretty tired... but seriously... is there something wrong with me?

Don't answer that.  

I figure there must be some dental horror stories out there.  Who has one?

Pictured:  my ever-changing candy cubby at home.  I have considerably cut back on sweets lately, especially - especially as I lay in bed at night.  ;)

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