I Like the White Sox: I'm Tired

Well guys, I really don't know what else to say.  I like you have watched this season in shear disbelief.  The team should be doing much better than they are, but something is not working.  The team has a guy who has hit 40 home runs consistently, but this year he can't even make it into the 20's.  The team has a guy who may be the answer to the quiet offense, but we have yet to see him play in the biggies.  I don't know about you, but quite frankly, I'm tired.

1-I'm tired of seeing great pitching performances being wasted.  Danks should have 8-10 wins by now, Thornton should have 2 or 3 of his loses, and Sergio Santos should have saved that game the other night.  Although there is the occasional misfire on defense, the offense on this team is baffling and I don't know why our team can't hit the ball.

2-I'm tired of watching Alex Rios and his lack of energy and focus.  This guy could have caught two balls that barely went over the wall, but if he would have at least made a true attempt, I wouldn't be so angry.  Yet, this guys body language and movement tells me he's happy to be making the money that he is thanks to some douche bag in Toronto who thought he was worth a king's ransom, and he could care less about what guys and gals like you and me think.

3-I'm tired of seeing this lineup getting tinkered with every day.  Alexei was fine in the two hole, why did Morel get moved up in the first place?  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Sure Alexei had some issues, but damn man, doesn't everyone on this fricking team?  Why does Dunn consistently bat third now?  Yes, you want pitchers to throw to Konerko, but they were pitching to him anyway.  Maybe if the team did their damn jobs and played baseball, Ozzie wouldn't be playing Othello games on the field.

4-I'm tired of Paul Konerko being passed up as an All Star two years in a row when he has been the solid rock of this team.  Especially this year when the game is in his backyard in Arizona.  The guy ranks high in home runs and RBIs this year as well.  What did Paulie do to everyone to not earn this?  And furthermore what's with the dumb marketing slogan, Paul Star?  What the hell is that?

5-I'm tired of seeing AL Central opponents get the best of the Sox.  Woo hoo, we beat up on the Cubs, we swept the Red Sox, none of that means shit if we can't beat the teams in our own division.  And the best part, we can't even beat the team in last place of our division with no name pitchers.  Sigh.

6-I'm tired of seeing Adam Dunn.  I want to cheer for the guy, but he can't hit.  He needs to get counseling, hitting coach, steroids, whatever.  This guy needs to hit the ball damn it.

7-I'm tired of seeing the passive aggressive bullshit relationship between Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams.  I think their bullcrap has spilled over to the team, and maybe that's the issue.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm reaching.  Move Viciedo up someone.  Bench the players who aren't making it happen.  Stop blaming each other and work together.

I'm tired guys.  I know the theme here is redundant, but I had to put some of my thoughts here in writing.  The team I love more than any other team I cheer for is really disappointing, disheartening, frustrating, baffling, mind numbing, etc, etc.  Sure they are only four games or so back, and if they get their shit together, they can do this.  However I am really starting to believe hope is lost.  I will stand by the White Sox for the rest of my life no matter what, but I am really starting to think this season can be lost.  I don't know about you, but all in means putting your chips in when you think you have a good hand.  Problem here is those pocket kings that Kenny was holding don't mean much when you see one five, a three, a two, and two aces on the board, and the guy across from you has the other two aces in his hand.

Let's go White Sox.  Don't let me go to sleep.

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