Right Rail (teach, teach me how to) Rumpus Room

I don't have anything to say as I open this new fanpost template under immense pressure from the community (read: texts from Chiburb) to start a fresh thread.

Although I do have a ridiculous song stuck in my head and I'm not sure how or why it got lodged in there.  Most of you are better about keeping up with pop culture, so you've probably heard it.  Something about a "dougie" I think.  I only know the song because Girl Talk sampled it on his new album so it's inevitably sunk its hook into my brainzz.  

Update:  Some dickwad  A very helpful coworker sent me the link to the youtube video for the Dougie song.  Cali Swag District?  What the -? Who the-?  Uggh... kids.  

Regardless of initial disgust, this is inspiring me to create a dance for/inspired by SSS. 
And I hear the collective you calling back to me, "[hsa] Teach me how to Rumpie, teach teach me how to Rumpie!"

- You'll have to be seated to do it, in the natural Sox blogging position.  
- Get a fat beat, any old fat beat (or should these beats require "phatness"? I don't know).   Here's one, in case you need beatssistance.  
- Extend your hands hovering over your keyboard in the typing position.  
- Proceed to pop and lock your wrists up and down to the beat.  
- Try alternating swirling your hands to simulate the "Mouse in da House".  
- If you want to get fancy, separate, wiggle and wave your left pinkie to do the "Z-key Zcroll".
- Don't be shy to involve neck and shoulders too.  Your whole upper body should be utilized and moving, although the emphasis is on your hands.  
- Have a stick nearby for beating away all the fine women that are bound to accumulate near/around your bathing suit areas.
- Resume Sox blogging.

I apologize for the informal nature of this.  This all came to mind in the last thirty minutes and now I regret not having a video to accompany the instructions and show you how to Rumpie.  I think I'll upload a video of this soon, if I can figure out all the technological details in doing that.  In the meantime, get your rumpie on and enjoy the new thread!

Funny Pictures - Cat Gifs

I enjoy watching this gif while the above-linked song "Officer" is playing.  Seriously.  Try it.

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