I Like the White Sox: Everybody Bruce Chen Tonight


It is so nice for me to write a positive post instead of the negative venom I have been spewing for weeks.  I love the fact we are one game over!!!

One game over.  It's weird saying that and celebrating it.  Nevertheless, it is what it is and we be jamming like Marley for now.  Buehrle needs to exorcise his demons and we need those Tigers to choke and we get one step closer to the championship no one wants.

Now that I am Johnny Positive today, here are seven things thoughts I have and things that would be great besides the obvious, winning the division.

1-I want to learn how to speak Spanish.  I got my first lesson a couple weeks ago.  Alejandro De Aza means sit your ass down Alex Rios.

2-I would like to see one of those Asian women who do massages come out to the mound when Cooper goes out with him to calm down Jake Peavy.  He is going to find a way to blow out another muscle that no one has ever heard of some how.  The masseuse (sicml) will find a way to calm the bulldog down and happy endings for everyone with a win.

3-I like the fact Lillibridge is playing well, but I am very nervous about him playing everyday.  Although the first base thing was not too bad, other than the fact he has huge glove.

4-Can we let Adam Dunn be Southpaw for the rest of the season?  This way he is at least doing something productive for the team and that money won't go to waste.  Sure some little guy will lose a job, but chances are its one of the pride crew people and they can run around and wave without the costume.

5-Since I hear so much about this Donny Lucy guy, let's see what he can do for realz.

6-I believe we need to send a lawyer to the plate with Quentin lately.  He sure has been verbal about the strike zones of many an umpire lately.  Last night's was horseshit by the way.

7-And I think Bruce Chen needs to get owned by the Sox for one game before the season is over, playoffs or not.  I can't believe this guy has been locking down the offense for three appearances against them.  I am sick to death of him and he is the target of my aggression.  That's right bitch.  I want your next line against the palehose to read something like 8 ER 12 H 0 K 5 BB.  You sorry ass bitch!!!!   I want the Sox to make your face go as blue as that ugly ass uniform you wear.  I hate you Bruce Chen.  You are my nemesis for the year prick!  Ozzie needs to grab that microphone, grip it really hard and say "Bruce Chen" clench a little harder "I'm coming for you."

Final thought: Excuse me Mr. Roller coaster conductor; can the track stay straight for a while?  No more dips and valleys.  No more gut wrenching 90 degree drops.  Let's just win this thing meng!!!!!  GO SOX!!!!

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