Last Call for A Midsummer Night's Methup (August 13th)

The Call went forth.  Many were chosen, few have actually heeded the call.  Heeded.  That's a word, right?


Just always makes me think of this.

Back to what I was getting at.  A storm is brewing larger than the one that just went through tonight and had me out in the back stairwell with a mop and my KA-BAR trying to unplug the drain and make sure that I didn't have a nice overflow flood type surprise in the morning.  The storm which I refer to here is the AL Central Pennant race.

You know what surprise I WOULD like in the morning?  If any other of you SSS folks/lurkers wanted to come join us for the August 13th game against the Royals, and gave an email response saying so.    

Here's the deal.  You may still think we are in this.  You may think this season is toast.  You may think that any day now Dunn is gonna find it.  You may think that any day now Ozzie is gonna lose it.  You may think U-God is going to vet school cause he truly wants to be a veterinarian and not just to satisfy his love of cutting open animal flesh.   You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile. The point is, no matter what you think, you should come drink.  We even sincerely love the company of that rare breed of Sox fan, the non-drinker.

Hell, we even got KenWo out at the last big annual Methup, and he ended up asking us if we wanted to join his quilting/bookgroup circle when all was said and done.   

Those who have already emailed me should have gotten an update tonight.  If you didn't, please email me again, as I must have missed you when I put together the updated list.  

We have 8 at this point.  The blocks that are available on the 100 level for $35-$40 can fit at least 14 more.  It's a Saturday night game with fireworks.  It is going to be a good time, guaranteed.

So, if you are interested and haven't jumped in on this, email me at 

It may end up being your highlight of the season.  

Deadline for email contact/paypal payment and getting with this group I'm setting at August 6th, due to personal travel plans and needing to have internet to finish setting all this up.  We will have tailgate plans and post-game plans of some sort that people can jump in on if they already have tickets or can't commit before August 6th, but I'm not gonna buy you a ticket to sit with our group.  Deal?

Hell, I might even make some Sox Krispie Treats if Lockportsox doesn't come out and join us. 

Now Rec this so it gets up and stays up

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