RRRR: The Medium is the Massage


In this tumultuous world of excess, diminshed attention spans and the over-abundance of information to pour over and obsess, I've realized that years, if not months, if not weeks, if not days, if not hours, if not seconds are occurring at an ever faster rate.  There is far too much information available to consume all of it and we try as best we can to segment our interests enough so we may accomplish the consumption that we deem most important to us.  Whether it be high brow pursuits such as economics or low brow pursuits like reality television shows or politics--we pick and choose what we enjoy and as we enjoy it all, life passes us by.

My question is this, hypothetically if all electronic media (tv's, DVD, Netflix, smart phones, computers) ceased to exist…what would you throw your mind soul and energy into? (besides inventing tv's, DVD's, netflix, smart phones and computers) 



I understand that everything is relative.  Prehistoric man did not know of anything other than what their world gave to them.  They probably enjoyed the sunset and the stars more than we do and their interests mostly revolved around survival and innovation.  We can't feel pity for them for not growing up watching Mr. Belvidere. 


Think back 100 years, what would you spend all your time doing?  Do you think life was perceived differently when there wasn't so much quickly accessible entertainment?  Were human beings happier, where their lives more rich?  Or are we living in the best time in history to have existed so far?  Did the creation of the comfortable middle class enable this hyper-entertainment era?


I feel hypocritical in writing this since this community is based on a common and very time consuming interest.  We are all so obsessed with the Chicago White Sox that many, perhaps, more important aspects of our lives get put on the backburner, in one form or another, so we can pursue this one, undying interest.  Many of us have ramped up our obsession to varying levels but the fact that we are even involved in this community is telling of our nature as a collective. 



If SSS didn't exist what would you do with all the time on your hands?  If the Wire was never created what do you think you would have done instead of drooling at a screen for 40 hours?  Are we more well-rounded as human beings because we can have shared experiences in these created fictional worlds or are we better off relying on our imaginations?  The medium is the massage and the massage is an opiate.



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