I Like the White Sox: Fall-ing Instead of All In


So how goes it SSS?

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Yet, judging by reaction I receive here once in a while, I should apologize for posting.  Anyway its probably better I have kept quiet because I have had nothing but piss and venom running through my veins when it comes to the pale hose.  I wrote a whole article where I gave the bird to certain players and it contained more four letter words than Adam Dunn's BA this year.  I have been extremely upset, emotional, and not of any rational thought when it came to this team.  I expected greatness, much like all of you, and instead a got a big shit sandwich, much like all of you.

The slogan of the season was laughable.  So I will keep it brief.  If A.J. Pierzynski was to redo his all in commercial, here are things he (or someone else who it relates to) should have said rather than what was said...

1-All In knows, if I have spent more than five years in the major leagues, I will get as many at bats as possible.

2-All In knows, if I have a catcher behind me who can throw out base runners; I shouldn't worry because I have a dumb ass championship belt in my locker, along with an organization that guarantees me my spot for as long as I want.

3-All in knows if our left handed power hitter strikes out 3 to 4 times a game, our manager will put him out there 3 or 4 games a week.

4-All in knows if there is a high leverage situation in the bottom of the ninth, guys who have an OPS less than 700 will be called upon to save the game.

5-All in knows if I'm over 42 years old, I get to pinch hit for people aged twice the number that I stole from a legend in this city.

6-All in knows if I create a $120 million payroll, the fans of this team better show up no matter what because I spent the money and I need to make it back because I have ran out of dollars.  So you people better pay an extra 50 cents for tickets.

7-All in knows, if I play shitty players to spite people, keep new talent that can make a difference in AAA and defend every move I make with the premise that the veterans deserve it, I should get an extension for everything I did.  In fact, I think the White Sox should create a kick ass red for me too.

Point being, this season sucked the big one because it could have been great.  However, egos, head cases, and other annoying things got in the way.  Someone cue up Tom Petty here. 

See you all next season.  I love you guys.

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