Per Acting Lord of Rumpusing Rhubarb's suggestion, this Right Rail Rumpus Room's topic is excuses!
Your favorites used? Best you've heard?

Yeah, I got one for not being around here lately! Yeah, it may very well stink!

Crap, I know it does. But I'm still going to shove it under your noses because that's what we, as humans, feel compelled to do.

From what I understand, this is happening around many corporations nowadays; but I have recently become victim to a workplace environment transition. That's right, a WET.

Heh. They didn't really call it that. But they would have it didn't have a sort of double-entendre about it!
For real, the acronyms are way out of control in corporations. I'm sure some of you can relate. I'd even like to hear your favorites. I'll never forget the meeting in which I was informed that I was an SME (a "smee"). A Subject Matter Expert, to be precise. I would have loved to see the irritated yougottabefuckinkiddingme look on my face when that came onto the presentation slide a couple years ago. I refuse to use it.

Anyway, in this new workplace environment, I've been stripped of my unnecessarily big cubicle and high, privacy-permitting walls; and forced into an open, loving, intimate, can't even pick my nose atmosphere. And to make matters worse, my manager and director are now sitting directly in my back pocket. Facing my computer.

What am I supposed to do, SSSers? And more pressingly, what am I going to do when the season starts again!? I love my Thursday 11 AM games. For years, I've had full freedom to watch those games at work. And now? Now I'll have to work or something.


These are stressful questions on el dudette's brain here. In the meantime, I'm sorry for my negligence. If the Rumpus Room was a baby, it would be long dead in the bathtub by now.
I appreciate what has been done in my absence, by 'barb and CSR and the like. Thank you for rumpusing on. Excuses aside, I miss this place. I'd probably be coping through the off-season better if I was around more.

Alright, I'm going to post this to get up a new thread since it's getting into the evening in Chicago and I know it's snowing there and many of you will be around drinking from home. I still have a bit more work to do here before I'm into my Friday evening, but it's high time I fixed myself a gin anyway.

Been fun spending some time here this week while Seattle has treated me to snow and ice and then more snow. Thanks for entertaining the kitty.

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