RRRR: Dental dams and other reasons to kill people

I'm back from the dentist. Story of my life, I know!
Only there are no painkillers easing me into the mellow, uplifting, rumpusing mood that I had anticipated. Noooo, the dentist didn't bother sending me on my way with anything more than a couple Advils and some super helpful advice to ice my face. She even reiterated that it will hurt in the same breath that she denied the prescription.
Oh yes, it will hurt.

Devil woman!

Today was the first time they've successfully set up a dental dam in my mouth, much to my chagrin. Last time they attempted, the rubber bands snapped almost instantly and they ceased trying. I didn't see the point of one anyway and they seemed to manage just fine without it.

Today, they were adamant about the dental dam. As if six shots of Novocain (one directly to the nerve... /shudder) wasn't enough, they needed to attack my inner, not-numbed gums too, with these tight metal clamps that caused so much pressure and what I considered unnecessary additional pain. And no painkillers to be had! Did I mention that already?

I don't wish to start this RRRR down the awful path of a dental discussion because I fear that Buehrleman might never visit us again over here if I did. Nay, I'm more interested in what enrages you all most about your day-to-day, mundane, life comin'-atcha nonsense.

Because despite the severe dread in going to the dentist, I find myself commencing dentist visits with a smile. I'm my usual jovial self towards the dentist. I don't complain about pains or shots. I keep my shit together.

But by the second hour of bright lights and dental dams, I am frankly pissed. My blood's boiling. I don't exchange pleasantries on the way out. I leave there scowling. Or is that just my numb, droopy face...? Regardless, I feel in that moment like I've been violated somehow and I want to maim anyone who gets in my way. Like that guy whose knees I shattered in the parking garage today.
Yeah. Like that guy.

There are other examples of simple things that fire me up more than others. People who walk all shitty down the street, always obliviously wandering right where you're trying to step to get around them. The freight train stopping on the tracks... and then reversing... and stopping again. The people who know the lane is merging ahead, but ride the disappearing lane 'til the bitter end in traffic, which of course delays all the people abiding in the proper lane.

Alright. I need a drink and to skedaddle to bowling league now. What everyday bee-ess gets your goats the mosts?

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