LLLL: Instead of this (but I love you)

(sheepishly) Oh hey guys.

Sweeeetness it's a new Rumpus nyehhhcough I mean Looney Lounge. After all this time, I almost don't know what to say. I miss ye. I've been busy lately, moving and life-rutting and doing puzzles nshit geez you're a demanding bunch and I left behind my desk at the last place soo

my set-up is lacking, to say the least. You should see! the position I'm in as I type this. On the floor.

People say that excuses are like assholes, but I don't care, I'd like to share a short list of what I've been tending to, rather than writing a new LLLL. Rather than stoking a new fire in the lodge, if you will.
Besides, who doesn't like assholes? We're a pack of ‘em, right? Loud and proud. And aside from that, in a more literal sense, assholes are the gateway to some essential, yet still amazing developments, such as pooping and farting.

But we can save that discussion for another Lodge.

Instead of writing this, I've been...

- Watching Breaking Bad. Holymoly, I love this show so hard, so long, so hard did I already say hard because crap, I love it SO hard, this show. How beautifully it's done and writ. I'll put it to bat against The Wire any day (youheardme!). It's unfortunate that the MLB doesn't have a team in Albuquerque so we can quote it every time we play them, a la the Orioles.

- Doing those aforementioned *jigsaw puzzles. Sometimes while I listen to playoff baseball games on the radio. And always without referencing the puzzle "cover" box at any time, as my father taught us. My roommate is kind enough to oblige this method, this now "house rule". There are truly few things I love as much as doing a jigsaw puzzle. And I have the elbow nerve-ending damage to prove it.

- Listening to music.

Knowing that I'd likely appreciate, Margalus tipped me off to Ultraista, much to my satisfaction. Nigel Godrich is involved, so that's something to go on. But it's far, far from Radiohead. Still good, I recommend checking out the song "Strange Formula".

Also good - the new Ben Folds Five album. How can you not love the lyrics, "Ohhh oh, if you're feeling small and you can't draw a crowd, draw dicks on the wall." At least I think that's what he's saying.

Also great - if you're man enough - the new Fiona Apple album. Her best ever, I'd say.

- Being creeped on by baristas.
This dude at the coffee shop not only remembered the unique spelling of my name after one prior visit (semi-normal, sure); but then came around the counter and put his hand on my shoulder as he handed me my breakfast item, and said, "Here you go, Leigh, I hope your day gets better."

Buuut I hadn't said anything about my day being not-okay so far. So it confused me, and then what with the strange touching. I was so caught off-guard at 7 in the morning and thought, "Well, my day was going just fine...but now I have to recover from this shit!"

- Carving - nay! - ruining perfectly nice pumpkins that didn't do anything to me.

I consider myself artistic in a variety of ways. Pumpkin-carving is not one of them. Yet I still decided to free-hand a fuckin labyrinth on my pumpkin this week, as though I was some squash Michelangelo.
I wound up with a lot of accidentally-loose pieces, which I then attempted to secure back in the pumpkin via toothpicks and wishful thinking.

I also took a power drill to it roughly 150 times, to create a sort of night sky around the labyrinth. As I was drilling more holes, a friend of mine said, "Hold on. You know what you should think of adding? More holes."
I couldn't have agreed more.

I've seen better pumpkins anyway. I declared loudly to the table "INFERSTRUCTURE!", but nobody seemed to understand the reference. Gosh! Don't my friends read Rhubarb?

On that note, Happy Halloween I guess. You guys doing anything of interest? Any cool costumes in the making out there? I couldn't care less about celebrating Halloween now that I don't get a pillowcase full of free candy just for going on a walk with my friends.
Since I don't do creative costume stuff, I'm intrigued by those who come up with clever ideas. Would love to hear them. As well as what you've been doing this offseason, rather than dwelling on past seasons lost (we should totally be playing the Giants in the World Series right now, I truly believe this and mourn the opportunity, I don't know about you guys).

Lodge on, Looneys. I hope you're enjoying the hell out of autumn.

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